Helen Fisher on Romantic Love

Romantic love is characterized by elation, heightened energy, mood swings, focused attention, obsessive thinking, craving for emotional union with a beloved, goal-oriented behaviors and intensive motivation to win a preferred mating partner, is associated primarily with dopaminergic pathways in the reward system of the brain.

Helen Fisher‘s courageous investigations of romantic love — its evolution, its biochemical foundations and its vital importance to human society — are informing and transforming the way we understand ourselves. Fisher describes love as a universal human drive (stronger than the sex drive; stronger than thirst or hunger; stronger perhaps than the will to live), and her many areas of inquiry shed light on timeless human mysteries, like why we choose one partner over another.

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Almost unique among scientists, Fisher explores the science of love without losing a sense of romance: Her work frequently invokes poetry, literature and art — along with scientific findings — helping us appreciate our love affair with love itself. In her research, and in books such as Anatomy of Love and 2004’s Why We Love, Fisher looks at questions with real impact on modern life. Her latest research raises serious concerns about the widespread, long-term use of antidepressants, which may undermine our natural process of attachment by tampering with hormone levels in the brain.

In a FMRI studies done by Fisher and her colleagues, they found that the people deeply in love show greater activities in the tiny little brain region called VTA (Ventral Tigmental Area) which contains cells that dopamine and natural stimulants and  spread it other brain regions. this part called VTA is a part of the reward system of a brain. it is way below the cognitive thinking process, it is a part of reptallian core of the brain. it is associated with wanting, motivation, with focus and craving. this is same part of the brain region which becomes active when you feel the rush of cocaine. Romantic love is much more than a cocaine high. it is obsession and it possess a person causing him to lose the sense of self. he cant stop  thinking about another human being with whom he is in love.

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