Breaking glass

I have a strong feeling that there is an important relationship between what happens inside the mind and what happens outside the self, in the public, perceptible world.The happenings are intertwined in such a manner that we cannot deny the impact of internal events upon the external ones that happen in the physical plane. The breaking of glasses or similar thing can be caused by the feeling of negativity in or around us. I had personally experienced this in few occasions. The topic I am discussing about comes under parapsychology and not the scientific psychology. I know most of you will feel skeptic about this! I would welcome your challenge to this notion or alternative explanations for these kind of events. Please, comment!

One day while I was passing by my old college Tri Chandra, I was in a very bad mood, the negativity in me was so big that I was feeling I could not be able to hold it in me for a long time and something bad could happen. I crossed the road on the other side, opposite of Ghanta ghar and I had walked only a little further, I heard a lot sound of breaking glass. I looked across and it was a tube light that had broken which a boy was carrying in the cycle. I had known that it could be related to my inner feeling or maybe just a coincidence. Sorry boy for the damage!

Similar thing happened twice with the electronic devices, once my MP3 player broke down and the other time my mobile’s internal system was damaged. I would like to tell you about the event related to MP3 player. Once, I had a good friend who is in US right now. He was about to leave for US at that time, then, i was wondering why he had not informed me and i called him on phone at home. his mom replied that he had already left few days back. i put down the phone! i felt terribly bad. we were good friends but he was kind of always irrational, always wanted to be odd man! in fact, he was talking about giving a big surprise and that was it. after sometime, to recover my mood,i tried listening music but could not feel any better. and then, the mp3 player fell down and it was dead. it had fell few times before but this time i think the negative charge damaged it completely. I did not talk to him for a very long time after that but then, i thought of our friendship and we are in touch again.

But wait, it is not only that bad things happen…just opposite to it, many good things happen when we are feeling good and positive. To me, a lot of good things have happened so far… ‘good luck’ and ‘bad luck’ might be the other terms to decribe these kinds of phenomenon. If it is so, I am luckier!! It is very important to follow the signs and listen to our hearts. Intuition helps us much more than the reasoning at times!


One thought on “Breaking glass

  1. Well I agree with that. Indeed some researches are being carried out for establishing the fact about mind powers I guess. Read about it somewhere.

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