Clinical Psychology & Mental Health in Nepal

25 April 2010

Clinical Psychology is taught at the Master’s Level in the Tribhuvan University. Psychology students study in their MA level and start working as a psychologist, others go on to do M.Phil (additional 2 years course) at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital to become the clinical psychologists. There are very few clinical psychologists in Nepal and almost all of them are working in the urban centers. There is no proper mental health care system for people living in the rural areas. People mostly visit faith healers to seek help for their problems. People with severe mental disorders and their family members are targets of stigma and discrimination in the society. Due to the stigma attached with their problem, they hesitate to come forward for appropriate treatment even when services are accessible. According to various reports, 25-30 % of the general population has one or more mental disorders. Very few epidemiological studies have been done so far to find out the incidence and prevalence of mental disorders in Nepal. It is estimated that the total prevalence rate of all psychiatric disorders put together exceeds more than 20 % of the total population.

Majority of the people in Nepal take mental disorders not as disorders or problems which could be solved or treated but as a moral weakness caused by supernatural forces like Bhoot [ghost], Boksi [witches], Mohini [black magic], Paap[sins of previous lives ]or as a result of celibacy. There is an utter lack of awareness that mental disorders are treatable. There is a concept that once, a person becomes mad, her/his condition will remain the same for the rest of the life. The patients, who have recovered fully from mental disorders, also continue to be stigmatized and discrimanted in their society and work places on the basis of their history. Unfortunately, there is no law in Nepal to protect someone with mental illness. In the civil code [muliki ain], the legal definition of mental illness is not clarified, but the language of the legislation refers to someone with broken mind [magaz bigreko] or madness [Baulayeko]. The Local Administration Act of 1972 gives the power to the Chief District Officer to detain mentally ill people in jail either for their own safety or for the safety of the community. Today there are more innocent mentally ill people in the jails of Nepal, than there are in the psychiatric wards. The National Mental Health Policy formulated in 1997 has not yet been passed in legislation. As an element in primary health care, mental health continues to have a low priority on the national health agenda. Only 0.14% of the national health budget is spent on mental health and the government keeps no official record of the mental illness prevalence rates of the country.

Psychoeducation can be an effective method for awareness raising related to mental health. Psychosocial counseling services need to be regulated through proper system in order to ensure the quality and effective service to the clients and consumers. There is an urgent need for the licensure system for the practising counselors. The term “Counselor” has been often misused and expolited in context of Nepal which could mislead people and ultimately, give the negative and wrong understanding of the counseling.

At the moment, people with psychological and behavioral problems are referred to Mental Hospital, Lagankhel, Lalitpur; Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj; BPKIHS, Dharan; Birendra Army Hospital, Chhawani; Bharatpur Hospital, Chitwan; Lumbini Zonal Hospital, Butwal; Koshi Zonal Hospital, Biratnagar, Morang; Vheri Zonal Hospital, Nepalgunj; Paschimanchal Zonal Hospital, Pokhara. Recently private hospitals have also started to provide the psychiatric services. For the mild psychological and adjustment problems, people are referred to counselors working in different NGOs such as TPO Nepal, CMC Nepal, CVICT, Sahara Paramarsha Kendra, Antardrishti, Antarang, and so on.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is mostly used to treat the psychological problems by the clinical psychologists and client-centered counseling is practiced by the counselors.


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157 thoughts on “Clinical Psychology & Mental Health in Nepal

  1. Thankyou Sujen, I am graduating in 2 semester and have a serious plan of getting enrolled in Doctoral program for clinical psychology but i was not sure if with the degree that i have will give a good base especially in Nepal. I don’t want to stay in US forever and would love to come back home and utilize what I have learned. Thankyou for the info. That really helps.

    1. Welcome Preeti.I think you should go on with your plans, you are very lucky that you are getting to study there and pursue your academic aspirations. It is a very good idea that you want to come back here in Nepal and work.Good luck with your studies!

      I would also like to thank you very much for being active in psychology network page. I appreciate your participation!

    2. hy preeti dee……. i am studying Bsc nursing in Kathmandu university and want to study clinical psychlogy in future…. i just wanted to know something more about clinical psychology so can you message me in my fb accont… its bhetwal.prashansa(Prash Ansa)

  2. namastre sir

    i am a slc appeared student and have adeep interest to study psychology in future. but i have a few quests dangling in my mind. Now i am in confusion whether psychology falls in humanities or science? suppose if take humanities, still can i take clinical psychology as my subject?

    i also want to know the present nepali courses adopted for psychology and scope of it in nepal.

    1. Hi Sujan,

      Good to hear that you are interested in Psychology. In Nepal, psychology is taught under the faculty of humanities and social sciences. So, there is no doubt that you can study clinical psychology even if you take up the humanities stream.

      The scope of psychology is increasing recently and more it will be in the future. Psychology is an fascinating subject so, if you are really interested then, you should study it. Telling you about the courses, it is bit old but it does not matter because once you are acquainted with general psychology, we all have to study independently about the topics of our interest.

      You are also welcome to join our psychology network. go to: and join in!

      Regards, S U J E N .

    2. If you take Psychology it falls under humanities and psychaitry that falls under science. Yes, even in humanties you can have clinical psychology, which is M.A. in psycholoy, if you do in science it will be then MSc in Psychology.

  3. sujen jee,
    You are right that the term “counselling” is misused in Nepal. It can be mislead and wrong uderstanding in future also. So, the Licence system in necessary to manage this and for the welfare of practicing psychosocial counselors also.
    Thank you for publishing reality of mental and psychosocial health of Nepal.

    1. Bhandari jee,

      you are very right the term counseling has been extremely misused in Nepal. I am very concerned that even the people who have received the training of few days, weeks and months are identifying themselves as counselors which is very dangerous. they can do more harm to clients than help them.

      thanks for reading my post! keep coming in!

  4. Hello,

    I enjoyed reading your blog on Psychology in Nepal and found it very interesting. I am from Australia and am currently in Bharatpur, Nepal. I have a psychology degree and also started a Masters Degree in Clinical Neuropsychology in Australia this year. I will be in Bharatpur for 6 weeks and am very interested in doing some volunteer work here and also meeting other people involved in psychology. Please contact me if you could help me in any way with this!

    1. Hi Jilly,

      Nice to hear from you and thanks for reading my blog. Well, in Bharatpur, I dont have much contacts. There are very few persons/organizations involved in psychosocial works.

      Anyway, I know of one NGO there. I visited Chitwan 2 years before during the time of the research work on psychosocial well-being of child soldiers and I had contacts with a local NGO called Diyalo Pariwar. You can go there and see if they are doing anything that could be interesting to you. And luckily, I have one contact number of the social worker who helped me very much during my field work. She is Asha Tamang and her number is 9845056284. You can contact her as well, I dont know if her number is the same.

      Good Luck! Have a nice time!!
      (Messaged in FB mail too)


  5. hi,

    I am also a clinical psychologist and was working for almost 2 years in Pune,India. Very recently i shifted to Kathmandu as my family stays here. Its been really challanging all the while here. we have no platform and are mostly clueless about the recent happenings in psychiatry. People seem really ignorant and even if they come forward there are huge challenges on the medical front. Let me know if i can be of any help.

    1. Hi Priya,

      Thanks for showing support. It is indeed true and sad that there is very limited platform for professionals working in clinical psychology and mental health field in Nepal. Like you said, there are few regular medium/channels here through which we can be updated about happenings in our related field. That is one of the reasons for me of writing this blog.

      Challenging it is, of course. I am a degree student of Psychology at Tribhuvan University. For psychology as well, there are a lot of challenges but interesting I find it at the same time.

      Well, now I have your email address, I will call upon you if I need any kind of help from you and you can also keep in touch if you need any sort of information related to psychology in Nepal.

      I would like to know more about you related to your professional practices like where do you work and about your working experiences here. I think you must have worked back in India as well.

      Thanks for writing!

      Best, Sujen.

  6. Dear Sujen and friends

    I am a PhD student from the UK. I am coming to Nepal at the end of September to begin a project looking at maternal mental health in the country and specifically in the Dhanusha region. At the moment I’m reading all I can to inform my work but I would be very interested to talk to any of you who have the time about psychology and mental health services in Nepal. I will be based in Kathmandu for about a week.

    Best wishes


    1. Dear Kelly,

      Nice to hear from you and know about your PhD project related to maternal mental health in Nepal. The mental situation is very poor in Nepal right now, there are only few hospitals in Kathmandu where psychiatric services are available. However, recently, we have seen increases in organizations providing psychosocial counseling services. I have put the links to those organizations in my blogroll, you can check it out. There is still a long way to go, but people have started to be active. That is a good news!

      It is a good idea to have a conversation while you’ll be in Kathmandu.

      Good Luck with your project!

      All the Best,

      Some links: (Nepal mental health country profile)

    2. Hi,i am masters student from tribhuwan university, kathmandu, nepal.i have masters degree in clinical psychology and working as a psychologist and psychosocila counselor for almost 6 months in one of NGO at pokhara, nepal.i want to know more about the Ph.D in clinical psychology and the context of UK. how shall i apply for the Ph.D or Psy.D degree.what to do for applying in this field.
      waiting for your reply.
      best wishes
      lila khanal

  7. Hi sujen,
    you are right that there is a one kind of stigma in the community about mental health.Despite the importance of mental health, this aspect of people’s health is a neglected aspect of the Nepali Health Care System.Thank you for the information.

    1. Hi Leela,

      Yes, one of the biggest problems in this field is Stigma. It seems to be present in most places around the world. There is a lot of stigma attached with mental health problems. Psycho-education programs can be helpful in reducing the stigma. And like you said, mental health is extremely neglected part of the National Health Care System in Nepal. Very less portion of health care budget is allotted for the mental health care.

    1. Hi Sofia,

      Sorry to say this but you might not be able to get admission in TU for Masters because you happen to have the commerce background. But there is an option or an alternative way. If you do an one year post graduate course in counseling psychology (PGDPC), then, you will be eligible for getting admission in TU. Good to know that you are also interested in Psychology.

      Where there is a will, there is a WAY!

  8. Dear sir,
    There is phd and psy.Doc are they same? I want to be psy.doc from clinical psycology so tel me which is best institute for study and how much time take to be a doc after +2 please reply it as soon as posible in my e mail acount thank you sir!

  9. Hi Suresh,

    PhD and Psy. D. are two different advanced academic degrees awarded to highly competent students by the universities.

    “The Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree is a professional doctorate earned through one of two established training models for Clinical Psychology.
    A PhD is an advanced academic degree awarded by universities. In most English-speaking countries, the PhD is the highest degree one can earn. The PhD or equivalent has become a requirement for a career as a university professor or researcher in most fields.” source: wikipedia

    In Nepal, the highest degree awarded in the field of Psychology is PhD. You will have to go aboard if you want to pursue your career as Psy. D. Psy. D. is mostly clinic-based and working closely with clients whereas PhD requires you to do a lot of fieldwork and empirical research.

    Good Luck!!

  10. Dear sir,
    I am really impress with you. There is so many questions which strikes in my head. I want to be touch with you so i tried to make contact through facebook
    Thank you

  11. HI sir!

    I always wanted to study psychology(esp.counseling psychology).I also tried to search the colleges providing ‘Bachelors in counseling psychology’ or solely ‘Bachelors of psychology’ but couldnt get any. I have heard Maharjung teaching hospital providing psychology degree, is that true?
    or sir, can u give me the name of colleges of Nepal providing Bachelors in Psychology?

    Hoping for the response..

    1. Hi Khushi,

      Good to hear from you. Here is some information which you may find useful:

      see: for institutions where psychology is taught

      TU Teaching Hospital has a MPhil course which trains you in mental health field. You could also do post graduate diploma course in psychological counseling. Most important of all is the genuine interest and self-study in the field of Psychology in Nepal.

      All the Best,

  12. Dear sir,
    how tough is psycology in comapare with science, engenering, etc To do BA in psycology how much time it consumed

  13. Hi Bipin,

    Psychology is an interesting subject and pretty tough too. It is a science of mind and behavior though it is taught under the faculty of humanities and social sciences in Nepal. It normally takes you about 3 years to do Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

    All the best!!

  14. Hi sir!
    I always want to be clincial psycologist but i always afraid of time factor to study so can you tel me how much time does it take to study MA level and m phil also tel me how much time it take to be a Doctor after my BA Level

    1. Hi Sujan,

      You can become a clinical psychologist upon completing the MA and MPhil. You get the highest degree if you go for PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) which makes it eligible for you to add title “Dr.” before your name.

    1. The main difference between psychologist and psychiatrist is that they work on different models to treat psychological disorders. Psychologists rely on biopsychosocial models whereas psychiatrists heavily rely upon medical and physiological models. However, they complement each other and have a same goal but take different routes and employ different methods.

    1. There is no BSc Psychology in Nepal. PhD takes many years depending upon the research that you do and the subject matter you specialize in. It will take you minimum 3 years and might take more than 5 years.

      For more, see: (available online from Jan 01, 2011)

      Happy New Year. All the best!

  15. Happy new year to you too sir,
    what is current scope of psycology in nepal? can i get respectable job as soon as i gratduate?

    1. see: You can read about the current scope of psychology in that page. about job prospects, you can definitely get a good job if you are competent and skilled, no doubt about it, as psychologists are in great demand due to low supply in the job market. but it is not that easy yet in Nepal!

  16. Dear sir,
    I have some problem that is iam very week in mathematics i don’t understand the problems easily and i become nervous so that i can’t react every 1 says that your mind is not occupying and u can’t do anything in your life .Is this dull mind symptoms or dyslexia . I’am 23 years old. According 2 me now i don’t hope that i can do everything in my life .Everything has broken .If it is then how 2 increase the memory power . I couldn’t take a fixed decision always when it is about 2 take decision 4 anything i always remains confusion 2 take decision whether i should say yes or no . If it is then how 2 go ahead.

  17. hello!! I am currently studying Social Science in UK. What are the possible options i’ve got in the field of psychology in Nepal. Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Bhumika,

      it is not clear which subject you are studying under social sciences, the scope of psychology is increasing in Nepal recently. Counseling and research are major areas of psychology in Nepal.

      All the Best.

  18. Hello Sujen,
    First of all i’d like to thank you for sharing such a wonderful article on your blog. A true insight i must say. The thought had crossed my mind, about the un-avialiability of mental health professionals in Nepal and un-awareness on general public on such matters. With the poverty, political instability, poor economic condition of country and state of socio-cultural transition in Nepal, i think a lot of people in Nepal are living with certain degree of depression, which could effect their career, personality, behaviour to some extent. I was trying to look out for any social forums or institution working on the field, but i guess there are very few. And i found that out from your blog, thank you again for that.
    For other readers, there are few books i’d like to recommend. Feeling Good-The New mood therapy by david burns and The power of now by Eckhart Tolle. They are very good books.

    1. Hi Lomas,

      You are reading good books, esp. The Power of Now by Tolle. Thanks for reading my blog. Keep in touch!

  19. Hello sir I want to study bachelor in psychology as i am alyz interested in it but I hav done my +2 in commerce n nw studin bbs 1st yr. Can I stil join b.psychology at dis tym of year n being from comrc. faculty,if yes wat should i do n which colz will be appropriate n if can’t then is there any other solution?

  20. sujen ji
    what is the scope of child psychologist in Nepal?
    Will I be able to earn my livelihood if I be one ?
    please reply me soon
    I am desperate !
    kabin basnet

        1. Hi Kabin,

          It is hard to guarantee the job in the market in the present Nepal. I would say you should consider both your interests and a need for employment. You will surely get the job some day if you study what you love.

          All the Best.


  21. hi sujen,
    i’m student of cognitive psychology, i’m doin my MSC, what are the prospects of research there in Nepal? i heard that there is a serious lacking of research in general psychology and I’m wondering the research there in cognitive psychology, and i didn’t knew that psychology is a social science, is it so?..if it is then people will not believe us, social science is just a “HOAX”, research modules if social science is regarded as “pseudo-research” in scientific community, what is it that we can do to make general psychological research more scientific? cognitive branch of psychology employs all forms of scientific measures (CT-SCAN, MRI, PET-scan) and several other neurological intervention modules.

    1. Yes, a lot of people are skeptic about social sciences and qualitative psychology. But I think they are simply great and it is complimentary to quantitative methods. there should not be egoistic problems with other approaches. People who are doubtful need more exposure to qualitative methods. Yes, the imaging techniques in neuroscience is really great.

  22. I am Thelma Amado from Panama. I am Clinical Psychologist. I studied my post-grade in Clinical Psychologist in Mental Healths Hospitals in Panama. I would like to make a Master and a PHD.

  23. Hi
    My name is Mercy and i was wondering what is your take on me studying Psychology in Neapl,,, i mean as written above there isnt much future in the line here in Nepal.
    I have an option to go to India and study, is stuying in India a better choice?
    I need some help.

    1. Hi Mercy,

      It is true that the field of psychology is developing *very *slowly in Nepal but I wont agree that there is no future in this line in Nepal. There is boundless scope and opportunities, it is upto us to explore it!

      Regarding whether it would be better to study in India, it depends upon your interests, finances and many other factors. It is also a matter of what kind of psychology program that you want to get enrolled in. Studying in Nepal is considerably less costly but there are limited specialization courses. So, you decide and go for it.

      All the Best, Sujen

  24. By the way the line of Psychology that i want to go into is Clinical Psychology.
    And since im here, how many years does it take to get to that level?

  25. hi
    my name is bhawani and i would like to study clinical psychology from TU. since i am a graduate physiotherapist.. and my course inclide 100 mark of physcology subject… will my qualification is enought fot its enrollment for the upcomming session?

  26. Hi Sujen,

    I’m Sparsh from Biratnagar…I was studying Engineering at NIT – Allahabad, but had to abandon my studies all of a sudden because of Psychosis as well as severe depression…..But, now i’ve improved drastically, and i think i’ll be able to pursue my studies.
    I’m really interested in studying Psychology.. Before, i was thinking of becoming a Psychiatrist, but my own experience made me realise that psychiatry is nothing but a bullshit…..Psychologists are the real healers of the mentally ill….I’d like to become a psychologist.. Is there any college to study bachelors in psychology in Biratnagar? Also, is there any age limit….I’m 22 years old…. Also, what are the admission requirements?…Is there entrance exam?…..Please reply……

    1. Hi Sparsh,

      Good to hear about your recovery.

      Psychology is taught in Mahendra Morang Adarsh Bahumukhi Campus in Biratnagar. there is no age bar and also no entrance exams required.

      All the Best. wishing you positive mental health!!


  27. Hello Sujen sir….Your blog is really impressive as you have shared all the required information..I am planning to do my master’s in Psychology and counselling and want to imply my knowledge here in Nepal. This site really helped me…thank you so much.!!

  28. i would like to personally keep in touch with you or any good online councellor cause now i ultimately said to myself that “yes i need help”. i am passing through really hard times so want to recover please help me far as me i am a 18 year old guy who is so sensitive about few isseus of his life..

    1. Hi Samir,

      You can keep in touch with me via for online counseling or check out: and consider seeing a professional face to face for help. That would be more effective and helpful for you.

      I appreciate your self-awareness that you need help for feeling better. This is the most important step necessary for problem-solving and so, I would say you are already moving towards solutions that you need.


  29. sujen sir!!!

    can you please give me names of some college providing bachelor in psychology in Kathmandu valley????

    I heard there are few colleges starting psychology in BA from this academic year! but not known any!!!! CAN you please help me out…


    P.S….Thanks sujen sir for the blog! Its a great help for psychology interested student like us. Please do keep the good work.

    1. Khushi,

      Yes, there are quite few colleges in kathmandu. Some of the major colleges are Tri Chandra and Padma Kanya. Private colleges include British Gurkha College and K & K.

  30. hello sir,
    i’ve recently finished my a-levels and my subject combination is two full a-level subjects and one as level where i have taken psychology,sociology and general what are the academic requirements for applying in undergraduate psychology course in tu?am i elligible to apply for it?

  31. hi sujen,

    i am in a desperate need to find the best psychological counselor in nepal for my teenage nephew. as i live abroad i have little or no knowledge about this. if u know or have anyone please i would appreciate if u could give me their name and numbers. he is from a broken family and i am really worried for him. he is very innocent and it kills me inside to know that he might be suffering inside. thanks

  32. hello sir,
    i have completed my ISC and i want to continue my bachelor in psychology. can i continue o not? i doont which is best colege for bachelor in psychology. pls suggest me.

  33. can i study Master in psychology after completing my B.Sc (hons) in Computing? or do i need to get from a pure science stream? or if i have to go through bachelors…i have been self studying psychology for almost 2 years now..not that focused, but i do have general ideas..

      1. Do you mean i can’t do psychology? or is MA in psychology i am available for? thanks a actually nice to find someone nepali on the internet who does psychology..i have been meaning to actually talk about psychology to someone from my own home country…well, my bachelors gonna end soon 😀

  34. Hi Sujen,

    My case is same as Sofia’s except i will be graduating next year with a Engineering major. Can you tell me more about this PGDPC program? Is it considered as a bachelors degree in Psychology worldwide? Can i apply for masters in Psychology abroad if i do this course? Also i want to know if i apply for private bachelors degree at TU, can i give exams without attending classes and complete everything within one year?

    Really looking forward for your response! Thanks in advance!


    1. PGDPC program is one year counseling course after Bachelors. since you are graduating soon, it would be better if you join Masters. That would be helpful. all the best!!

    1. Yes, you can! Contact Central Department of Psychology, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu. Phone: 977 01 4332539 for more information.

  35. Hello Sujen. I have just returned from your beautiful country last week and think that I want to return to Nepal.

    My Wife Nasreen is a Qualified Clinical Psychologist and is will to join me in Nepal. Can u assist us as to how she practice in nepal, working for the state or privately.

    please note we are well established in both our careers and this will just provide a min @ year gap year to experience Nepal away from tourism.

    South Africa

    1. Hi Mohammad,

      If your wife is a qualified clinical psychologist then she shall be eligible to provide psychotherapy service in a NGO or hospital setting or private practice depending upon her choice.

      Mental health services are still scarce over here. You are welcome in Nepal! Keep in touch!!

  36. Hello Sujen! I shall complete my M.Phil in Clinical Psychology in August 2012, after which I shall have an RCI license to practice as a clinical psychologist. I would love to work in Nepal as a private consultant or with an NGO, whichever is convenient for a year, before I go to Europe or North America.. Do let me know if this is possible. I would probably want to have an office in Kathmandu..

    1. Hi Jaiyant,

      You shall be eligible to provide psychotherapy service in a NGO-hospital setting or private practice.You are welcome here in Kathmandu!

      Best, Sujen

  37. Namaste sir
    This is a real truth that I have my heart set on the study of psychology. But at the US Embassy if they ask me why do I want to study this major, I don’t know what to say. I have so many to say but can’t say. Sometimes I think they will take my reason in a childish way and may also think that I am just trying to make an excuse to get to the states.
    Sir, I genuinely want to study this course . Please tell me some mature reasons so that they can take my ambition seriously and grant me a Visa. Please sir please ….

    1. Hey Tenzin,

      If you truly believe that your reason for wanting to study Psychology is a genuine one then you just need to be honest with them. May be you need help in expressing what you really feel.

      I suggest you to try to write your reason in good and clear words and just practice it.

      Lets hope Sujen here will come up with a better alternative.

      Good luck with your interview 🙂


      1. Hi August,

        you have given a good idea to Tenzin. She however needs to make sure that she sounds natural in her conversation rather than a recorded speaker.

    2. Hi Tenzin,

      You definitely need to do some good preparation for visa interview. You sound very nervous right now. Relax!! look out for the universities in the internet which you would like to join. Contact the faculty through email, consult with them. Make plans. This might help you to have some ideas for the interview. It will be better if you are clear which subfield you want to specialize in and why.

      US is one of the best educational destinations for studying Psychology. Nepal needs more psychologists.

      Good Luck!!!


  38. Hi Sujen,

    I attend the University of Albany in New York, United States, and will be completing my M.S. (masters of science) degree in mental health counseling within the next year. Do i need to have a license from America to provide counseling in Nepal? This requires an extra 2 years of work experience, and I would like to come Nepal as soon as I finish. Is there a process I must go through (certification or licensing) when arriving in Nepal, or is having a masters degree sufficient to get a job providing counseling right away?

    Also, is it difficult to find paid work in counseling in Nepal? How much money do counselors make?


    – Jason

    1. Hi Jason,

      Good to hear from you and know about your studies. In Nepal, it is not yet mandatory to have a certification or licensing to practice after having an academic qualification. However, I think it would be good for yourself if you come back after few years of experience with a license. Counseling is very much in demand in Nepal these days. Regarding the income, it depends upon what kind of work you do and which workplace you join. it varies.

      Hope to see you in Nepal some day. All the Best!!

  39. Its really nice to hear all these nice things i am slc passed student i am really interested in psychology and really don’t know is there any college kathmandu which teaches about psychology it would be really great if you can suggest me anything

  40. Dear sir,
    What should I do to get admission in the TU, Kirtipur?, When is the deadline for admission of bachelor in psychology?


  41. If someone interested to come to Canada, I would be glad to know.I am looking someone who is coming to my city in Regina. I will do my best to help to settle in Regina. I am originally from Heatauda Nepal and living in Regina more than 15 years.I love this city which is the best to live here.
    Navin, Regina, Canada

    1. Hey Navin are you a psychologist registered with Canadian Psychological Association? If so I would like to talk to you.. regarding PhD programs..

  42. hi..
    well when i appeared my S.L.C i was a bit confused while choosing subject thats why i chose management as my major now i have a clear view that i want to become sujen jii please suggest me if there is anyway that i can start my studies to become psychologist. i’ve passed my +2 examination under management.or should i just have to start all over my +2 again with humanities as major subject

    looking forward for your humble guidance..

  43. hi..
    well when i appeared my S.L.C i was a bit confused while choosing subject thats why i chose management as my major now i have a clear view that i want to become sujen jii please suggest me if there is anyway that i can start my studies to become psychologist. i’ve passed my +2 examination under management.or should i just have to start all over my +2 again with humanities as major subject.

    looking forward for your humble guidance..

  44. hello!! I would like to ask u few questions…..Will i be eligible to join master in psychology directly after completing post basic bachelor in nursing? which is of two years only…. if yes where can i get the degree here in NEpal..

      1. thank you very much for the information and now i want to know how many seats is available in TU for MA in psychology….looking forward..

  45. hello sir namaste

    now i am running +2 science and after+2 i want to study criminal psychology but i don’t know abt it so i want information please help sir i am waiting ur comment

  46. Respected sir,
    i have completed Nursing and right now i am working as an assistant lecturer for Psychiatric Nursing .I have a deep interest in continuing my masters in psychology.can i apply for it if yes when is the admission open for it? Anticipating for your response.

  47. hello Mr.Sujen,
    I have been thinking about joining psychology program for my bachelor level! but again i have been having the second thoughts about the decision because of the scope of it in Nepal. So, could you please share me your views regarding the scope of psychology in Nepal after 5-10 years,
    Thank You 🙂

    1. 5-10 years down the line, I see the scope of psychology in Nepal bright and large if young and proactive people join this field and work for its development. I think we can create scope rather than just saying there is no scope and it is useless to put hands on it. 🙂 all the best Anjani.

  48. Hey very nice web site!! Guy .. Excellent .. Wonderful ..
    I will bookmark your web site and take the feeds additionally?
    I am satisfied to seek out numerous helpful info right here within
    the submit, we’d like develop more techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  49. but what about bachelor? i am student of arts and want to take psychology too for which i am searching for college but i didn’t get any college except tri-chandra. isn’t there any college beside tri-chandra? or say private institute?

  50. hello,

    I am worried abt my brother so i have this query. He is interested in criminal psychology and so am i. He is a science student and wants to do his bachelors in that particular subject but i dont know it falls under what faculty and in which college my brother is suppose to go? what is the duration of the course and how hard the course is?
    Any suggestion and help is greatly appreciated.
    thank u

  51. hello sir,
    I did my BA in psychology abut 4yrs back n join MA in psy. in TU kirtipur, but cudn’t complete bcoz of my job. But again i want to continue n complete my study. i want to become a clinical psychologist. But i forgot when would be the admission open in tu for concern level.

  52. hello sir,
    i am reading in BBA 4th sem and i’ve makeup mind to go for clinical psyhologist in master’s level but i’ve done +2 from management i think it’s not possible for me but if u’ve got any idea for this what else can i do to go through dis sector please sir if u know any colleges and wat else should i read to do masters in clinical psychology need ur help reply soon.

  53. I want to do my masters in clinical psychology,and later on work at army hospital.will that be possible?I want to do from USA.

  54. sir i’m reading education faculty,can i join in psychology classes in BA?
    sir please mention the cost for study,
    i’m keen intrested student.


    1. I think you can probably join BA. i do not know about the cost now so, please contact the related college/campus. It is definitely affordable. all the best.

  55. Namaste

    Am Binita Bharati. My son is running 12 years old now. I have one daughter running 8 years old. Have one big problem that I can not control my son as his mental situation is very poor. He also can not improve his study. I’m worrying about him. Have any solution with you please?

  56. Respected Sir,

    I am a Science student studying in grade 11 . I am always enthusiastic when it comes about this topic “Psychology “.My aim in life is to help as well as treat specially abled children (Deaf and Dumb).For this I have been learning ASL(American Sign Language) through you -tube in my free time as I have not been acknowledged to such training centers in KTM.

    After my college (+2),I am planning to first finish my MBBS then be specialized in ENT (Ear,Nose and Throat)so that I could treat such kind of children.But again without knowing such childrens’ gesture , habit,mental and physical state etc I know I won’t be able to cooperate with them.Thus,in order to establish a special bonding with them I think doing PhD in clinical psychology would be essential. But,Now I am in a dilemma, as to be a specialized ENT- Doctor it would take about 5-6 years in the same manner to do PhD coarse in Clinical Psychology would also be the same.

    Thus, I would humbly like to request you to suggest me the best possible way to help and treat such specially abled children(Deaf and Dumb) also give me names of some institutes, NGO’s who are helping such children.

    Thank you !

  57. Sarah
    November 11, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    Respected Sir,

    I am a Science student studying in grade 11 . I am always enthusiastic when it comes about this topic “Psychology “.My aim in life is to help as well as treat specially abled children (Deaf and Dumb).For this I have been learning ASL(American Sign Language) through you -tube in my free time as I have not been acknowledged to such training centers in KTM.

    After my college (+2),I am planning to first finish my MBBS then be specialized in ENT (Ear,Nose and Throat)so that I could treat such kind of children.But again without knowing such childrens’ gesture , habit,mental and physical state etc I know I won’t be able to cooperate with them.Thus,in order to establish a special bonding with them I think doing PhD in clinical psychology would be essential. But,Now I am in a dilemma, as to be a specialized ENT- Doctor it would take about 5-6 years in the same manner to do PhD coarse in Clinical Psychology would also be the same.

    Thus, I would humbly like to request you to suggest me the best possible way to help and treat such specially abled children(Deaf and Dumb) also give me names of some institutes, NGO’s who are helping such children.

    Thank you !

  58. hi sujen,

    myself and a friend are thinking of coming to nepal this summer. we both study psychology at UCL in London and were wondering if there are any oppurtunities to volunteer in Nepal with something psychology related.

    kind regards.


  59. HI Sujen,
    First of all thanks a lot for sharing such an impressive article regarding Mental health in Nepal which is really countable in comparison to other countries. This article of yours has been really of a great help to me with my papers.
    I am also from Nepal and completed my B.Sc.Nursing from there and currently doing Masters in Nursing from University of Technology, Australia and doing a paper on Analysis of Mental health care setting. Actually its a part of my assignment in which i am discussing about mental health care setting of Nepal. I am planning to use your article as a reference.
    If you don’t mind can I ask that is it cognitive-behavioural therapy that you prefer to use as a psychologist? or do you prefer using it in combination with other therapies? many psychologist here also use CBT. Similarly DBT and narrative therapy are also highly used.
    I dont know if its very personal to ask you this. But its just a small help I needed from you. Though i get the answers to my questions or not, this article has really helped me a lot and is of a great value.


  60. hi
    i am jaya studying bachelor in nursing. i am doing research on factors affecting health seeking behavior among mentally ill clients. for the discussion i didnt find proper literature related to uncovering illness by clients and family, behavior of family and health personnel towards clients.
    can u please provide a guidance
    looking forward for your positive response
    thank you!

  61. hi sujan i am engineering student and i am interested in study Clinical Psychology..could it be Feasible for me…hoping for your positive response.
    thank you

    1. well, bibek, depending upon your interests and long-term plans, you should take the decision. If westudy what we like, we enjoy learning and are motivated to work harder.

  62. Hi
    I am looking for a psychiatrist for my cousin in Kathmandu, Nepal. I think she has been diagnosed with depression and she has been already put into antidepressant. I am here in the US. I don’t have much information about mental health programs in Nepal. Can someone please contact me my email is
    I would really appreciate it.

    Thank You

  63. Hello Sir,
    I am a final year student who has just completed her BA Hons in Psychology from the Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University, New Delhi, India. I was also the President of the Psychology department in my final year. I have been following the news with regards to Nepal since the quakes first hit. I will be finishing my exams by the end of May and am interested in knowing if there is any way in which I, as a budding psychologist, can be of some help? Can you put me in touch with any organisations/ people who are working in post-quake rehabilitation and with whom I can work? I have immense experience in the development sector, working with children and have also interned in the Psych ward of a general hospital in Delhi; also I will be joining an NGO as a full time employee soon. My email ID will show in your records, please do let me know via email. I can share my CV with you through that and maybe you can help me?
    Warmly, Devika.

  64. Hello Sujen.
    I work in mental health wards (acute inpatient, dementia,forensic,prison,rehab) as a health care assistant in uk. I am also a bsc mental health nursing student . After I am a mental nurse, i would like to work in nepal. But so many questions? Will i get a job if not then can i start one of my own? What is the cost like? Will the people be able to afford the service? I hope in to meet like minded people along this way to better mental health services in nepal.

  65. Hi Sujen Sir,
    I have recently completed my MSc Nursing specialisation in psychiatric nursing from Bangalore. I have past experience as a nursing lecturer , no clinical experience as a staff nurse. As I am interested to work as a counselor in clinical settings which course would be better for me either postgraduate in counselling or MA in psychology or M.phil in psychology?

  66. Hi Sujen Sir,
    I have recently completed my MSc Nursing specialisation in psychiatric nursing from Bangalore. I have past experience as a nursing lecturer , no clinical experience as a staff nurse. As I am interested to work as a counselor in clinical settings in nepal ,which course would be better for me either postgraduate in counselling or MA in psychology or M.phil in psychology?

  67. Hello Sujen sir,
    I have completed my BSC in Chemistry
    I had a combination of Chemistry, microbiology and zoology
    I have burning zeal to study clinical psychology
    but I don’t know its basic needs to study it
    Can u plz tell me about its academic requirements…
    Can I study it?

  68. नमस्ते सर मेराे भाइ सुसाईड गर्न खाेजेकाे असफल प्रयासबाट बचाउन सफल भइ विगत १ बर्ष देखि सिजाेपिन सिजाेडाेन लगायत काे अाैषधि खादै र डक्टरकाे नियमित चेकअपमा रहदा रहदै पनि उसकाे अवस्था कम हुनु भन्दा बढी नै भईरहेकाे छ के मानसिक समस्या भएकाे व्यक्ति फेरि रिकभर हुन नसक्ने हाे वा हामीले देखाएकाे डाक्टर गलत हुनु भयाे केही जान्न सकिएन । 1 बर्ष अगाडि एकदम फिट र नर्मल मान्छे एकाएक अाजकाे नाजुक अवस्थामा देख्दा हामीलाई विश्वास नै लागेकाे छैन त्याे पनि डाक्टरले हेरिरहेकै अवस्थामा पनि यस्ताे कसरी हुन्छ ।के नेपालमा मानसिक विरामी भएपछि पुरै अाश मार्नु पर्ने हाे वा गलत हातमा याे मान्छे पर्याे याे के भएकाे हाेला कृपया मेराे जिञासा काे उत्रर दिनु भए म लगायत मेराे जस्तै समस्यामा परेका मानिसहरू अाभारी हुने थियाै । के गर्ने के नगर्ने केही माध्यम नपाएर हजुरकाे याे साईड मा लेख्न बाध्य भए यसकाे लागि क्षमा चाहान्छु पिलिज

    1. Binita ji, A person who suffer from mental illness can definitely recover with necessary care and support. I would suggest you to go to another hospital for the checkup.

  69. Hello Sujen Sir,
    I am Kusum and I have completed my B.Com(H) from Delhi University in 2011. I have 5 years of experience in Human resource management in IT firms. I have also completed 15 months certification course in Human Capital management. Will i be eligible for MA Psychology? Please guide. Also, can you please let me know the class timings and place/College for MA Psychology. Can we do MA Psychology along side work as i have 9-6 job in HR.


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