Thanks for participating in PsychWeb 2.0 Training

Thank you all the friends for participating in the 2 days PsychWeb 2.0 Training program. Also, a big thanks goes to my friend, Abindra Raj Dangol for co-facilitating the training. In the first day, there was little bit of technical disturbance with the internet connection so, for sometime it was difficult. On the second day, it went very well except for the breaks. i am sorry that I could not ask if the breaks were necessary. there were a lot of contents to be covered so i just forget. overall, we have recieved positive feedback for the program. It is a success of Central Association of Psychology Students. Last but not the least, I would like to thank Prof. Shishir Subba, Head of Central Department of Psychology at TU for supporting the program.

We have learnt a great deal from this experience and we believe we can do much better next time!! If you have any suggestions or comments, you are welcome to write to me!

S U J E N .

P.S: I am glad to know that Raj and Anjana is now subscribing in scribd. Keep checking, I upload the documents regularly! Thanks!!


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