Trip to Mustang

I went on a week long travel to Muktinath (the Lord of Liberation), Kagbeni, Jomsom, and Pokhara. Mustang was a once forbidden kingdom high in the Nepalese Himalayas. It is now open for all and for foreigners with special permit. It is a land where buses and other vehicles did not reach few years back. Travelers had to either walk all the way or take a flight to this beautiful place. Now, the roads have been constructed but they are still in progress and they are very rough. You never know when your bus/jeep travel will be disrupted by the road condition. Every now and then the roads have to cleared and maintained. we were lucky that there were no such hassles on the way and there was no rainfall. thank god! had there been the rainfall our journey would have been much difficult.

Now that the roads have reached, the place might drastically change over time and it might lose its charm and cultural heritage it preserved. So, go see it before it is changed (suspected by some that there is a possibility the place could be marred by tourism).

The places are extremely beautiful and once is not enough to experience the beauty. It completely refreshes the mind and body!

Time just passed by so quickly. A timely retreat from everyday life in Kathmandu to relax the mind for the upcoming exams!!

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