The End of Procrastination

Well, it is funny to have something done that was about to be done, should have been done a year ago. It is crazy how much we can procrastinate and delay things from happening. It is our own will, a little bit of push and motivation can help it but when we change our minds, it becomes difficult.

I think there must some kind of comfort in procrastination, the negative pleasure from not doing something that needs to be done. Or, it might be also be the other way round, saving a little bit of relief for having done something for the unknown future. Human beings are well known for their procrastinating habits. It happens because of our laziness and inability to quit the comfort zone.

Well, I am so happy one thing was done despite a year long procrastination. We might be able to produce a long list if we noted every time we procrastinated. But for many of us, this wont even happen because as soon as we get this idea, procrastination takes over and this too is procrastinated. HAHA!!

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