Psych Exams routine published

The long awaited Psych. Exams routine was finally announced on 17 July, 2010. It has been over one and half year that we joined the Masters in Psychology and we were supposed to have our exams within a year after the course started but the TU exam schedules are all messed up and it has been delayed by few months.

Anyways, now,time to gear up and do the final preparations for the exams which will be coming in the next 40 days, starting from 26 August till 10 September with 4 days gap in between the 4 exams. This is going to be real test for students as we will be evaluated by the scores in the exams.

Our course has been changed from this year so we will be getting questions differently than in previous years and after requesting our teacher for several months, we are finally going to get some model questions for few papers tomorrow. It is a reliefing sign!

Now- I need to FOCUS:

Exam Schedule:

26 Aug/10 Bhadra- Theories of Psychology

31 Aug/15 Bhadra- Social & Cultural Psychology

Reannounced: 06 Sept (05 Sept/ 20 Bhadra)- Research Methodology in Social Sciences

Reannounced: 28 Sept (10 Sept/ 25 Bhadra)- Cognitive Psychology

Date unannounced- Practicum

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