New Nepal??

Yesterday, I was watching a program in a local television station about the issue on why more and more Nepalese youth are going out to other countries for education and job. One of the guests invited in the program was a youth leader Gagan Thapa. Like many people, I too am impressed by his speaking skills and broad knowledge besides his involvement in usual politics. I liked many ideas he shared and he had latest data regarding the trends of brain drain and its reversal process in our neighboring countries China and India. He said in percentages which I don’t remember now how many youth and citizens are returning to their native homeland, and the reason for that is the boundless opportunities they see, it is not because of the over-hyped patriotic sentiments. And other thought provoking thing he mentioned was that whenever he goes to other countries where Nepalese are residing, they tell him that they would like to see the situation of the country improved and they would return. Then he ask them in return, is not it your responsibility to come back to your own country and improve the situation rather than just complaining and staying away.

There was also other guest called Milan Karki who is working related to some agency assisting people to go to Canada for settlements. One of the most interesting he mentioned why many Nepalese want to settle aboard is that they cannot plan anything for future over here. so, these people want to secure their own and children’s future. PLANNING is something very difficult to do and harder than it is carrying it out successfully. One of my brothers who is now settled aboard said to me that for people in foreign countries, time and planning is very important. They literally plan everything but look here in Nepal, nothing goes as planned because the people who does not make plans does not let others’ plans be successful!

This is a bitter truth that most of the youth have emigrated to other countries for education and employment. Given the chance, I can say over 50% of them will decide to settle there for ample oppportunites and comfortable way of life. But the important question is how can a country develop without the youth capital? It would be important that the skilled and learned Nepalese youth come back to their home country to see developed and properous. For me, personally, I would also like to go aboard for my studies but I will definitely return back to Nepal to develop my career here and make my dreams come true: to develop and prosper the field of Psychology in Nepal (within the next 30 years!).


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