Webinar on the Science and Philosophy of Happiness


On Saturday, August 28, http://www.pursuit-of-happiness.org organized a webinar on the “Science and Philosophy of Happiness.” It took place between 7.15pm to 9.15 pm (Nepalese time).  I was actually late when I remembered about this webinar but I did not want to miss it so, I logged on with an unique registration link sent to me via email by Mark Setton, Professor of World Religions, University of Bridgeport. But again, the computer needed to download some components to enable the webinar interface so, it took about 15 more minutes before I could attend the webinar.

Mark Setton was facilitating the webinar, I guess he was doing a presentation when I reached online. Just after 2 minutes, participants were doing introductions and suddenly, he took my name and I did my introduction. I said I am from Nepal. “Oh, we have somebody from Nepal”, he remarked. He said, “I have heard about Nepal. It is a nice place but I have not been there.” I replied, “Nepal is a very nice and beautiful country. You are welcome here.”

After that, Lance Hickey, Professor of Philosophy did his presentation in which he highlighted the developments and pioneers in Positive Psychology. He mentioned how Mihaly Csikszentmihaly stumbled upon the idea of flow while he was thrown into the prison in Italy. He used to have very hard times there but during one occasion, he used to forget everything, that was when he used to play chess with full concentration and being completely immersed in that activity. That experience led him to develop the ideas and theory on Flow.

Towards the end of webinar, Debra Park did her brief presentation and told about the wiki she has created on positive psychology. see: http://getpsyched.wikispaces.com/

At last, as the time was running out, Mark made few remarks to close the webinar and took some comments from the participants. He said such webinars will be organized in future too.

I would like thank Abindra Raj Dangol for informing me about this webinar through a Psychology Network Message. And thanks to Mark Setton for hosting the webinar.

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6 thoughts on “Webinar on the Science and Philosophy of Happiness

    1. It was nice, they informed us that they will organise similar webinar maybe next month on classroom applications by Debra Park.

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