Recognition key to morale in sports: TU Study

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KATHMANDU, Sept 25: No one would deny the sorry state of Nepali sports. Not only in terms of infrastructure, which is decades-old and lacking in basic routine maintenance, but also in the absence of incentive for sportspersons, which is so discouraging that few parents want their children to choose a career in sports.

Yet, Nepal has no dearth of sportspersons. So, the obvious question is: What continues to attract youths toward sports in Nepal?

Republica talked to a number of leading sports personalities and concluded that social recognition is topmost among the three factors that are not only keeping them glued to sports but also motivating them to give it their best. The other two factors are job security and self-identity, according to a study conducted by a group of students at the Central Department of Psychology, Tribhuvan University. However, the worrisome Nepali sports sector, among many other things, lacks a state-level mechanism to recognize the contributions that sportspersons make to the development of sports in the country.”Nepal urgently needs to announce a national sports award, and that is the best way of recognizing contributions by sportspersons”, says Sanjeev Mishra, football analyst and development director at All Nepal Football Association (ANFA). He added that lack of a national sports award has hampered performance.In this connection, the NSJF Pulsar Sports Award has played a crucial role in boosting the confidence of Nepali players but what is needed is a sports award at state level, said Mishra.Nepal Sports Journalists Forum (NSJF) organizes the annual sports award, which has become the best social recognition for sports personalities despite the limited categories covered.

It´s not that nothing has been done by the state towards establishing a national-level sports award. The policy on national sports proposed by a committee headed by Nepal Olympic Committee President Dhruba Bahadur Pradhan also highlighted the need of a national sports award. However, the policy is yet to be implemented.
“Society must have a sports culture for its development,” said Dr Prakash Pradhan, specialist in sports science.

“Social recognition for athletes is possible only if there is a sports culture in society. We lack that culture in Nepal. The state should take the lead in creating that environment, and for this awards are of prime importance,” he said, adding that awards help boost athlete morale.

Mishra expressed a similar view when he said, “An award of any kind is enough to spark motivation in sportsmen to perform better. Italian footballer Fabio Canavaro played exceptionally well in 2007 and 2008 after winning the Golden Ball in the 2006 World Cup.´

Dr Pradhan said that though the award organized by NSJF is prominent in helping boost the morale of players, procedural rules are lacking. “Nominating players in the same category, be it from a team game or an individual game, is difficult,” he added.

“On the other hand, NSJF is awarding only players and coaches. They should also think about establishing a sound awards process and decorate other sportspersons who are playing a role behind the scenes,” added Pradhan.

He opined that establishing a sound rewards process, especially by decorating players with national-level awards, could help transform Nepali sports.

Published on 2010-09-25 03:00:54

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