Thank God! Exams are finally over

My mind was almost like this buried in the heaps of information like his body in the sand during the times in between the examinations (26 August – 28 September).

It took almost a month to get these written examinations completed. I personally think this kind of annual examination system does not do justice to students’ learning efforts who are genuinely motivated to learn and increase their knowledge base. These written exams judge the students on the basis of their dedication to  rote learning and memorizing rather than real understanding and critical thinking. Few months before I had an opportunity to talk with senior Nepalese psychologist who told me that there used to be semester system in the university before 1980s and the education was much better then. The quality of education in the university has been degrading since it adopted annual examination system. These days it seems like most of the students are going to the university just to have the certification of their degrees. There is a real need of changes in the education system in Nepal.

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