CAPS’ Event on the context of upcoming World Mental Health Day

Wednesday, 06 October, 2010.

Central Association of Psychology Students (CAPS) in support with Central Department of Psychology, Tribhuvan University and Psychology Network organised an event on the occasion of upcoming World Mental Health Day and Dashain & Tihar festival. The event took place in Center for Nepalese and Asian Studies (CNAS) seminar hall.

The program included welcome speech by Renu Shakya, President of CAPS, teachers’ wishes exchange speech by Sumaya Rai, Sandesh Dhakal, and Sanjesh Shrestha. The representative from CPSSC Sabitra Neupane and former active CAPS member Rocky Maharjan also expressed their wishes. Following that, there were presentations by professor Shishir Subba on Mental Health in Nepal, Sujen Man Maharjan on Positive Mental Health (Some Research Findings) and by Netra Kumari Neupane on PTSD. The short recreational activity was conducted by Shyam Sundar Shrestha, Secretary of CAPS before the students’ presentations (Sujen and Netra Kumari). The short break helped to refresh the minds of the participants. The refreshments and additional break was taken after the presentations. Before the closing of the program, the documentary titled “Journey of Recovery” was shown.

Finally, we did the round of self-introduction of participants and received some feedback on the program. Most of them said that it would have been better if more teachers and students from the department were present in the program. Time management was another main issue, the time period planned for the program was only about 2 hours but it took more than 3 hours to complete the whole program. Some participants thought it would have been good if some professionals who are active in the field of psychology and mental health were invited and given an opportunity to share their work experiences and knowledge. Besides that, the participants expressed their gladness for organising the program and commitment for participation in future programs.

We would like to thank all the participants, teachers and staffs from Central Department of Psychology for attending the program. Special thanks go to Shishir Subba Sir, Head of the Department and CPSSC for providing some financial support to CAPS for organizing the program.

Sujen Man Maharjan,
Vice President, CAPS,
Tribhuvan University.



06 oct handout (Handout distributed to participants)

Positive Mental Health 2010 slides (Slides of my presentation)

This was the documentary shown in the program:


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