The brief timeline of Psychiatric Services in Nepal

The brief timeline:

  • The first psychiatric outpatient service was started in 1961, at Bir Hospital, Kathmandu.
  • In 1972, a 10-bed neuro-psychiatric unit was established in the Royal Army Hospital in Kathmandu.
  • The new era in mental health service and education was ushered in Nepal with the establishment of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) under the Tribhuvan University and the 400-bed TU teaching hospital in the year 1983.
  • In 1984, the Psychiatry department at Bir Hospital was separated and a mental hospital was created, which later shifted to its current location at Lagankhel, Patan in 1985. It is the only mental hospital in Nepal with current bed strength of 50 beds.
  • BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) at Dharan was established in 1993, as a part of joint Indo-Nepal collaboration.

One thought on “The brief timeline of Psychiatric Services in Nepal

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    it would be great help my brother is very sick and he need good mental health medication. if any one know good mental hospital please please contact me by E-mail or by facebook.

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