Functional Fixedness

Functional fixedness involves thinking about something only in terms of its functionality, rather than new ways in which it could be used.

Functional fixedness causes us to see something only in the way it was meant to be seen, and prevents us thinking of alternative uses or explanations.  As we grow up and become adults, for most of us, our ways of thinking and habitual patterns accumulate and we enter the zone of “Functional Fixedness“, this is further reinforced by our culture and traditions. It has both advantages and disadvantages. It saves a lot of mental effort but sometimes, keep us locked into unseen mental territory inside our heads. Read more at:

Once, I saw a small child playing with a potato. He was throwing it around with hands and sometimes, playing it with his feet as if it was a ball. I was just looking at that kid and i thought children are probably saved by nature from falling into the traps of functional fixedness, the feat in which most of the adults fail. Let’s take sometime right now and think about our experiences of functional fixedness and what are the ways in which you have tried to overcome it. Please, share your thoughts and ideas!!!

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