Psychology Network now in its 3rd year

It is my pleasure to let you know that Psychology Network have completed 2 years as an independent online media and platform for Nepalese Psychology and people associated with this field.  In the 3rd year, as I recall about what the state of media was related to our field I am very much happy and satisfied with what we have been able to do together. Psychology Network was started in the context when very little communication and information exchange was happening among people in our field, the scenario still remains similar largely. Nepalese Psychology utterly lacked the media where interested people could share the information and exchange ideas. Psychology Network has been instrumental in filling that void to some extent. I hope that Psychology Network will continue to play an effective role in connecting people and letting them share information and ideas freely.

Psychology Network is an informal and volunteer-based network dedicated to the field of psychology in Nepal and worldwide. Membership is completely free. You are welcome to join in Psychology Network and become an active member. Members can send and receive messages to the whole group, it remains open which means that the messages sent by members are not censored or withheld for review of its contents. Besides the mailing list, we have a page in facebook (, a collection of documents in scribd ( and the repository of references in citeulike ( A decision has been taken to put down the groups in youtube and flickr because of the inactivity.

I am extremely grateful to my friends, teachers and all the people who have helped and appreciated the work of Psychology Network. Without your support, participation and appreciation, this project would not have been meaningful. Thank you!

I also have an invitation for you to an event that Central Association of Psychology Students (CAPS) is going to organize on 26 December, 2010 (Sunday) in Tribhuvan University.  The event is related to Psychology and Mass Media featuring the talks by psychologists, social media professional, psychology-magazine editor and the screening of TED talk with Julian Assange, the founder of wikileaks.

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