Psychology & Mass Media 2010

Dear All,

Thank you very much for your participation on 26 December 2010. The program on “Psychology & Mass Media” was successfully organised by Central Association of Psychology Students (CAPS). I would like to express gratitude towards Prof. Murari Regmi for sharing his lifelong experiences related to research publications and teaching of psychology, Mr. Suran Maharjan, Director of Xplore International for delivering his talk on Social Media in Nepal, Mr. Sanjesh Shrestha, Editor of Manaswe Magazine representing Manaswe as only print media related to Psychology in Nepal and Mr. Sandesh Dhakal for his talk on teaching of psychology with the help of media. The participants praised the efforts of Psychology Network & CAPS and urged to organise similar programs in future inviting more people from TU and elsewhere.

Prof. Shishir Subba and Central Department of Psychology also deserve big thanks for supporting and making the program happen.

Thank you all. Attached herewith are some pictures of that day.


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