The Taste of Failure

I have decided to delete the blog ( and I happily take it as one of my unsuccessful endeavors to make little contribution in the field of Nepalese psychology. However, to balance this sad news, I also have got the good news: I am writing an article on the historical development of Psychology in Nepal. Going through the academic literature, I realised that it has been over 15 years anybody has published to history of Nepalese Psychology in journals or any other scholarly media. Coincidentally, it is also now three decades that Central Department of Psychology was established in Tribhuvan University in 1980. So, I felt an urgent need and insuppressible drive to write an article which is most updated and includes historical background, current situation and future prospects of the field of psychology in Nepal. I feel disheartening as I prepare this post as a last entry for this blog which will be deleted within few days. Now, I am preparing an article focusing on historical development of Psychology in Nepal. As I try to gather information and references for the literature as a part of article preparation, the same challenge comes up scarcity of information and inaccessibility of information sources. I started this online project in the hope to share information, encourage dialogue and make historical knowledge available to all interested people in Nepalese Psychology. Despite all that , I am very grateful to Professor Ayan Bahadur Shrestha who has been ever encouraging, helpful and a big source of inspiration…Anyway, I feel this project is not wasted, it will bear fruits for all of us in future…

Writing the last post:

It was a sad moment but a very necessary step to take. I rather erase than abandon the project undertaken with enthusiasm to take back the energy invested…

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