Talk on Disciplinary History of Psychology in Nepal

Research Seminar Series

Sujen Man Maharjan


Disciplinary History of Psychology in Nepal

3 pm – 10 April, 2011 (Sunday) – Martin Chautari, Jeet Jung Marg, Thapathali

Over 15 years have passed without a systematic inquiry into the historical development of discipline of psychology in Nepal. In that context, this presentation tries to review the historical development of Psychology in Nepal from 1940s to the present. Drawing from both primary and secondary data, the speaker will outline the status of psychology from its beginning to the present state.

Psychology in Nepal is enduring a series of problems from the day of its establishment. Besides analyzing problems and challenges, the speaker will attempt to explore the prospects and possibilities in this field from the lessons history is trying to teach. This presentation is a part of the research undertaken to write an academic article to appraise the historical development of psychology in Nepal.

Sujen Man Maharjan is a postgraduate student at Central Department of Psychology in Tribhuvan University. He is currently involved in a study on “Attitudes towards Romantic Love among Newars in Kathmandu”. He is also collaborating as a co-investigator in a cross-cultural project on Teacher Engagement with an educational psychologist based in University of Alberta, Canada.

This is a public lecture and admission is free and open to all those who are interested.


Info file: Research_Seminar_Series_info_sujen_MC


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