Yoga & Tai Chi Training

Dear All,

Central Association of Psychology Students (CAPS) is organising Yoga & Tai Chi Training from June 1-7 2011 in the Tribhuvan University Premises. Interested participants can contact Pradeep Acharya, Secretary for registration. Call him at 9841168879.

Venue: Tribhuvan University Premises
Dates: June 1-7 2011
Time: 6 am – 9 am.
Instructor: Shyam Sundar Shrestha.
Contact: Pradeep Acharya, Secretary, CAPS 9841168879.
Registration fee: Rs. 300 (CAPS member); Rs. 500 (CAPS non-member).


Prepared by: Instructor- Shyam Sundar Shrestha.

Yoga: The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘yuj’. It means union, join, bind, or communion. It is true union of our will with the will of god. Here god means not person it is symbol of supreme ultimate power or force.

Tai chi chuan or taijiquan: Its literal meaning is ‘supreme ultimate fist’ or internal martial art.

Yoga is from India and tai chi is from China. The similarities between tai chi and yoga have both school of thought are practiced in ‘chi/prana’ or soul. Their methods are designed for meditation, self-awareness and enlightenment. In essence, their systems are designed to bring the mind and body into harmony. Yoga and Tai Chi both allow the individual to proceed at their own pace and level of ability. Both require very little equipment, and results can be felt immediately. Both result in increased energy, flexibility and a positive, healthy attitude.

Yoga practice in physically stable. Either standing or either lying down body position but tai chi is practice in standing, as a slow dance-like meditative exercise.

According the yoga our life is depending on breathing. If breathing is regular and slow we live long life and if our breathing is irregular and fast our life is too short or die soon. As well as our thinking process is depend on our breathing level. If we can change our breathing rate our thinking process should be change automatically.

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