NEPsychNet in its 4th year now!!!

Nepalese Psychology Network (NEPsychNet)
Professional Network of Nepalese Psychologists

Nepalese Psychology Network (known as Psychology Network before) started in 2008 as an interest group to facilitate contact and communication among psychologists, professionals, students and other interested people in the field of Nepalese psychology. NEPsychNet has successfully introduced cyber-culture in Nepalese Psychology.

NEPsychNet has been active since the time of its inception for facilitating the growth and development of Psychology in Nepal through professional interaction and communication. Regular and relevant information flow through various online media is being facilitated to engage professionals for productive action and assure professional identity.


To promote and advance the field of psychology as a scientific discipline and competent profession in Nepal


§ To facilitate the communication among Nepalese Psychologists

§ To promote research work in Nepalese Psychology

§ To create an archive/collection of useful information related to Nepalese Psychology

Join NEPsychNet to:

• Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in psychology.

• Share knowledge, experience and creative ideas

• Become an agent of change in Nepalese Psychology!!!

NOW, IN IT’S 4th YEAR!! Cheers!

Thank you for being a part of it!! We have 224 members in our network. We can freely send and receive messages.

join our page:



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