Final publications of Prof. Murari Prasad Regmi

Last Thursday, I met Prof. Dr. Murari Prasad Regmi, visiting professor in Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health, in Teaching Hospital. He gave me his two recently published articles and said that those were his final works in psychological research related to Nepal. He was keen on sharing those articles with interested students so, here they are (titles and links):

Young, Maia J., Morris, Michael W., Burrus, Jeremy, Krishnan, Lilavati and Regmi, Murari Prasad. Deity and Destiny: Patterns of Fatalistic Thinking in Christian and Hindu Cultures. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 42 (6): 1030-1045.

David A. Watkins, Eadaoin K. P. Hui, Wenshu Luo, Murari Regmi, Everett L. Worthinton Jr., Joshua N. Hook & Don E. Davis (2011). Forgiveness and Interpersonal Relationships: A Nepalese Investigation. The Journal of Social Psychology, 15:12, 150-161.

Prof. Regmi is one of the  most published research psychologists from Nepal.


2 thoughts on “Final publications of Prof. Murari Prasad Regmi

  1. dear sujen,
    i should suggest u that the title of yr this post is little misleading, it gave me a blow in the first place to read the final publications of Murari Sir,
    hope you understand the psychological impact of the title and choose the alternative heading:)

    1. hi renu, thanks for a comment. but i think the title is ok because that was what Prof. Regmi himself mentioned. He is retired now and I think those articles are really final in his long career.

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