Thank you for attending the seminar!

Central Association of Psychology Students (CAPS) in collaboration with Central Department of Psychology and Nepalese Psychology Network successfully organised a program “Psychology & Mass Media in Nepal” on 28 December 2011 at Center for Nepalese and Asian Studies (CNAS) seminar hall. The main speakers in the program were Prof. Dr. Ayan Bahadur Shrestha who shared his lifelong experiences related to book publications and writing psychology-related articles, Prof. Dr. Shishir Subba gave the opening remarks, Dr. Steve Farmer, from University of North Texas delivered a talk on Family and Couple Therapy and Mr. Abindra Raj Dangol did a presentation on ‘Mass Media and E-learning’. The program highlighted the emerging new subfield within psychology called Media psychology and also discussed how mass media plays an important role in the development of field of psychology.

A special notice regarding upcoming program, one-day workshop on ‘State of Psychology in Nepal’, that is going to be jointly organized by Martin Chautari (MC) and Central Association of Psychology Students (CAPS), Tribhuvan University was also disseminated. The workshop is set to take place on 12 February 2012 (29 Magh 2068) at Martin Chautari with the aim of bringing together researchers and professionals in the field of Psychology. Please, see: call for papers and contact us if you are also interested to present your paper.

In the seminar, Mr. Sujen Man Maharjan, President (CAPS) and Founder (Nepalese Psychology Network), handed over the books, to Prof. Dr. Shishir Subba, sent as a gift to psychology department on behalf of Prof. Margaret Stroebe from University of Utrecht, Netherlands and Dr. Om Baniya, Nepali psychoneuroimmunologist.

The program also marked the third year completion of Nepalese Psychology Network which is now active in the fourth year with over 225 members in the mailing list

( Besides the listserv, Nepalese Psychology Network has a page ( and a group ( in facebook. Join us there!

We would like to thank Prof. Dr. Ayan Bahadur Shrestha, chief guest, Ms. Shakuntala Khatri, senior psychology teacher, faculty members from Central Department of Psychology (Prof. Dr. Shishir Subba, Prof. Dr. Shanta Niraula, Dr. Nandita Sharma, Ms. Sumaya Rai, Mr. Sandesh Dhakal, and Mr. Sanjesh Shrestha), the students from Tribhuvan University, British Gurkha College, Goldengate College and other participants representing various organizations for their participation in the seminar. Over 60 people attended the seminar. We are also grateful to Prof. Margaret Stroebe and Dr. Om Baniya for their kind-heartedness and sending us some interesting books.

Thanks to CNAS for providing the space to organize the seminar and Mr. Ram Maharjan (department staff) for helping us.

Check out the pictures here:

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