IN VH1 Storytellers, John Mayer tells his story about writing and singing this song. He says, “I loved a girl a lot. and i think i had an experience a lot of guys have had. I loved a girl a lot but she could not trust men. and if you trace it back to why? the first man in her life she could not trust.” The vicious cycle of trust crisis had started when the daughters felt rejected from their dads.

It is true that our early relationships determine our attachment style to a large extent which shapes our emotional lives. i think this is a song many men (including me) and also women can relate to. Yes, ‘daddy issue’ could be one of the reasons for the insecure and avoidant attachment. But true love can overcome this barrier as well.

4 thoughts on “Daughters

  1. sujen g,
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    1. There are two colleges offering this course in Ktm, Tri Chandra college and CPSSC. This course is open for students from all academic streams.

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