Mary Crawford’s Research Articles

Dear All,

I would like to share some articles which was recently sent to me by Mary Crawford.

Mary Crawford is a professor emerita of psychology and former director of the Women’s Studies Program at the University of Connecticut. She is the author of numerous research articles and nine books including Gender and Thought (1989); Talking Difference: On Gender and Language (1995); Gender Differences in Human Cognition (1997); Coming Into Her Own: Educational Success in Girls and Women (1999); Innovative Methods for Feminist Psychological Research (1999); and Transformations: Women, Gender, and Psychology (2006). Her research focuses on gender and communication, particularly in contexts of
health and sexuality. As a Fulbright Senior Scholar (2004-2005), she explored interventions to reduce sex trafficking in Nepal.

Prof. Mary Crawford is here in Kathmandu. She will stay here for the next 3 weeks and is interested to keep in touch with psychology students and professionals. So, if anybody is interested in meeting her to discuss ideas related to research or psychology, then, you can contact her at:



PS: Thanks Mary for your time to meet me and sharing your articles with us.

Crawford 2008 Globalizing Beauty.pdf
Crawford & Kaufman 2008 Sex trafficking in Nepal.pdf
Crawford et al 2007 MD.pdf


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