I was born intelligent but education made me dull

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Reading again Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner. This is one of my favorite books.

In this book, Gardner argues in favour of the existence of multiple intelligences rather than one type of intelligence, i.e. general intelligence. We all are intelligent in our own ways, our existence proves it!

There is a cool statement: I was born intelligent but education made me dull. there is truth in it to large extent because we cannot really explore and play with our potential in a regular, mainstream educational settings. our education system cannot produce the real geniuses and tolerate the deviant talents.  Stop mind control!!!!!!!

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3 thoughts on “I was born intelligent but education made me dull

  1. Dear Sujen, where did you find this book in Kathmandu?
    I’m also looking for training material for our counselors in our organization. Difficult to find in Nepali. Do you have any suggestion?

    1. @ Inge Bracke , i have done educational counselling, is there any vacancy in your organisation. i am also equipped in training for life skills program.

    2. Dear Inge,

      I have borrowed it from my university library.

      For the training resources in Nepali language, there are some books and manuals published by CMC Nepal, Handicap International, CVICT, TPO Nepal and so on.



      Hope this is helpful! By the way, which organization are you in?

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