Books Handover to TU Library

The collection of books and journals sent to Mr. Sujen Man Maharjan by Prof. Margaret Stroebe and colleagues from the department of Psycholgy at Utrecht university, Netherlands via Dr. Om Baniya, psychoneuroimmunologist was handed over to the department of Psychology at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. The program was organized in the university to pass on the gift of books amongst psychology teachers and students on 15 July 2012, Sunday by Central Association of Psychology Students. In the program, Mr. Maharjan shared a story on how he came to receive those books and expressed gratitude to Prof. Stroebe, Dr. Baniya and Jamuna Maharjan Shrestha who played the crucial role in making it possible. The packages contained the psychology books (textbooks, research and technical books) and journals (experimental research based academic publications). Mr. Maharjan urged the department to publish the journals and the book (compilation of students’ thesis reports) to foster the academic atmosphere in the university. Dr. Shanta Niraula expressed her gratitude for the books and expressed commitment to work for the academic development as the new head of the psychology department. Sajita Chitrakar, librarian of psychology department, said she is happy to receive more books to upgrade the library and help students in accessing the books and reading materials for their study. The program concluded by informing the attendees about the decision to reform the CAPS committee for the year 2012.

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