Best Wishes for 2014!!

Hello Friends,

It has been quite a while I have not had posted much text here. It has been usually photographs that I have captured while traveling during my field work and personal visits. I believe in capturing the moments as it feels like than it looks like and am glad that many of you have liked them. I am excited to continue it as I have received many compliments for the pictures, thanks for that and please, keep sending me any feedback you have for me.

This year, I am planning to post a lot of stuff beside pictures. I will focus on articles related to psychology and mental health, sharing information about events, photo features and interaction/discussion with visitors. A lot of interesting posts with valuable information are scheduled to appear in this blog so, keep checking and better get subscription if you would like to have the new posts directly in your inbox.

I am extremely glad this blog has been useful for students and researchers alike looking for the information on the psychology in Nepal. I would like to remind that we are active in other online platforms as well like in psychology-network and in facebook group and page. You are invited to join them too. It is a larger online space for interaction dedicated for the field of psychology and mental health in Nepal.

Wishing you all the best for 2014. May all of us be happy and find meaning & satisfaction in what we do.


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