Twiiter chat on #MentalHealthNepal organized by #Psychbigyaan

Recent twitter interaction on #NepalMentalHealth with young psychology students #psychbigyaan

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Twiiter chat on #MentalHealthNepal organized by #Psychbigyaan


On Saturday, 13 December 2014 Psychbigyaan organized the twitter chat on Mental Health condition in Nepal with professionals and stakeholders.  The event was held for an hour from NST 7 pm to 8 pm.

Notably three persons involved in Mental Health shared very important views about the condition of Mental Health in Nepal:  Sujen Man Maharjan who is working  as a psycho-socio counsellor in ICRC Nepal , Bijaya Gyawali who is a practising clinical psychologist in Japan and Dr. Anupam Pokharel, a psychiatrist practising now in Australia. Along with them several interested students of psychology were involved. In the question regarding the overall mental health condition in Nepal, the professionals held the belief that it disjointed in which in one extreme it is extremely medicalized and other extreme trivialized. Concerns were raised about its increasing importance but on the contrast less awareness…

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