Sindhupalchowk, the worst affected district by 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25 April has been further severely affected by the 7.3 magnitude earthquake that followed on 12 May. Over 95% buildings have been reported damaged in Chautara. Over 3426 deaths have been confirmed dead from this district alone. I visited it last week: 10-15 May.

  This previously damaged house collapsed in front of us 10 minutes after the 12 May Quake.   The situation at Sano Sirubari, Chautara Municipality.

   On the way to Sindhupalchowk, over 66000 have been damaged by EQ.

The damaged house and old men at Sano Sirubari.

NRCS volunteers providing psychological first aid to women in Kubinde.

The house that titled backwards in Chautara. A tenant remarks our house is sleeping now.

  We were inside this tent, conducting group discussion with female community health volunteers, when the Tuesday earthquake occurred.

The community orientation about psychological first aid at Kalika VDC.

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