APA position on responding to international emergencies

Dear All,

Please, find herewith the link to the interview with Merry Bullock of APA International on How can US psychology navigate responding to international disasters? Link: http://www.apa.org/international/pi/2015/06/international-disasters.aspx?fb_ref=Default

”The statement cautioned U.S. psychologists against travelling to a disaster-affected country unless they were invited, experienced, worked from a public health or community perspective, and were prepared to provide program support, not direct interventions. The statement also cautioned psychologists to know about and follow internationally-developed guidelines and standards for disaster relief.”, Bullock says. For full text of the statement: http://www.apa.org/international/resources/info/emergency-statement.aspx

It has important messages for psychologists from other countries as well who are interested to come to Nepal to support earthquake affected people. As she mentions, psychologists from outside Nepal can contribute to sustainable recovery through research on disaster response, recovery and preparation by lending their expertise to training/educational efforts, and not being involved in interventions without adequate information about context and needs of the people.


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