Updating Bibliographies: Research Publications & MA Thesis

bibliography psychresearch nepal
bibliography psychresearch nepal

This year I am going to update the bibliographies of the psychological research in Nepal and MA Theses in Psychology submitted to Tribhuvan University which I had published in Martin Chautari website in 2012. These bibliographies were compiled to inform and guide the researchers and students to trace the resources in literature review for their research work. After 4 years, many studies have been conducted and publications have appeared in different journals and other means such as books, dissertations and reports. Many students have also completed the MA thesis during this time period. These resources have been immensely useful for the academic work and I have received requests and feedback to update them regularly. To complete this task, your support will be invaluable so, I would like to request you to submit any relevant information related to your work and publications which can be included in the bibliography. You can follow the format below to send the information under the following six categories:


Last (Family) Name, First Name & Middle Name. Year of Publication. TITLE. City: Publisher

Eg: Shrestha, Ayan B. 2004. Manobigyan ka Kehi Kura. Kathmandu: Taleju Prakashan.


Last (Family) Name, First Name & Middle Name AND full names of co-authors if any. Year of Publication. TITLE of the chapter. In title of the Book. Author(s) or Editor(s), ed., pp-pp (range of page numbers) City: Publisher.

Eg: Crawford, Mary, Michelle Kaufman and Alka Gurung. 2007. Women and Children Last: The Effects of the Maoist Insurgency on Gender-based Violence. In Contentious Politics and Democratization: Maoist Insurgency, Identity Politics and Social Movements in Nepal. M. Lawoti, ed., pp. 95–119. London: Sage.


Last (Family) Name, First Name & Middle Name AND full names of co-authors if any. Year of Publication. TITLE of the article. Journal Issue (volume): pp-pp (range of page numbers)

Eg: Pradhan, Panna L. and Paul J. Hoffman. 1963. Effect of Spacing and Range of Stimuli on Magnitude Estimation Judgments. Journal of Experimental Psychology 66(6): 533–541.


Last (Family) Name, First Name & Middle Name. Year of Completion. TITLE of the dissertation. Ph.D. diss., Name of the University

Eg: Subba, Shishir. 2003. Perception of Diseases and Illness among Health-Providers and Health-Seekers in Jajarkot District, Nepal. Ph.D. diss., Copenhagen University.


Last (Family) Name, First Name & Middle Name. Year of Publication. TITLE of the report. Organization, Address & URL if available online

Eg: Kohrt, Brandon A. 2007. Recommendations to Promote Psychosocial Well-Being of Children Associated with Armed Forces and Armed Groups (CAAFAG) in Nepal, Transcultural Psychosocial Organization-Nepal/ UNICEF, Kathmandu, Nepal. Available at www.unicef.org/wcaro/Recommendation_to_promote_psychosocial_ well_being_of_children_associated_to_armed_forces_and_groups.pdf


Last (Family) Name, First Name & Middle Name. Year of Submission. TITLE of the thesis.

Eg: Maharjan, Sujen Man. 2013. Attitudes toward love among Newars in Kathmandu.

Kindly send me the information in my email: sujenman by 31 March, 2016. Also, please, find attached herewith the previous bibliographies for your reference.



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