Manojigyasa – 13th Episode on 13 Feb

Manojigyasa is the weekly radio program broadcasted from Ujjyalo 90 Network at 5.15 pm, Saturday presented by Psychbigyaan team (Kripa Sigdel and Sujan Shrestha, young aspiring psychologists). This episode was first heard on radio on February 13, 2016. Good that they have the youtube channel where they share all the episodes in case if you miss them on radio.

My interview was featured in this episode which focused on history and current status of psychology in  Nepal. And also, Psychbigyaan tip to boost the relationship with one’s partner (at the end on the eve of Valentine’s Day).

The Psychbigyaan tip which I gave have been scientifically proven by the psychologists and one of young talented artist, Bartika Rai has also  captured and beautifully sung it in her new song- Najeek.


My best wishes to Psychbigyaan team for upcoming episodes of the program, you guys are doing great job which will inspire other psychology students to take action and work for the betterment of the field of psychology in Nepal. Like I said in there, complaining is silly – act or forget.

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