Kulanand Lal Das

Kulanand Lal Das in his residence in Kathmandu.

Dr. Kulanand Lal Das (Born 5th January 1940) is a retired educational psychologist of Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He completed his PhD from  Patna University, India (1984) and did his dissertation on “Accountability in Education with special reference to Nepal”. Earlier than that he received Fulbright Scholarship and completed his MA in Education from University of Northern Iowa (UNI), United States (1969). He served in Tribhuvan University  for over two decades and served most of his time in Thakur Ram Campus, Birgunj where he also introduced educational psychology for the first time.  He was recipient of several high national honors such as Mahendra Vidya Bhushan, Nepal (1986), Dirgha Sewa Padak, Tribhuvan University (1996) and Shiksha Padak, Education Ministry (2001).

Thakur Ram Campus, Birgunj. Photo by Sanjit Gupta.

He recalls he came across the field of psychology while doing B.Ed. (1963-64) at College of Education (TU), Lazimpat, Kathmandu. At that time, educational psychology was taught as a subject in B.Ed. only in College of Education, Lazimpat; Trichandra College, Kathmandu and Mahendra Morang Campus, Biratnagar. Due to scarce human resource with specialization in educational psychology, it was not taught in any other campuses.

He decided to choose psychology as a core subject while doing M.A. in Education at University of Northern Iowa in 1967. Once he came back to Nepal, he started teaching Educational Psychology as a subject under B.Ed. at TRC, Birgunj (1971). Earlier, this subject was not taught at TRC, Birgunj. TRC, Birgunj was the thid campus after TU, Kathmandu and Mahendra Morang campus, Biratnagar where B.Ed. degree was introduced. He taught psychology to the B.Ed. and M.Ed. students in TRC, Birgunj. Now educational psychology is being taught in I.Ed., B.Ed. and M.Ed. in several other private colleges in Birgunj.

From mid 1970s, District Education Offices started sending Primary and Secondary level teachers for Teachers’ Training to Institute of Education in Birgunj. In those trainings, educational psychology used to be a core subject. The training aimed in developing knowledge and hands-on skills of teachers on psychological dealing of issues of students. Later, the Institute of Education in Birgunj was merged with TRC in Birgunj, therefore, all the trainings also started being delivered by TRC in the region.  He remembers joint efforts with Panna Lal Pradhan and Ayan Bahadur Shrestha, senior psychologists in introducing educational psychology in education sector of Nepal.


Note: Thanks to Manish Das and Ava Lal for their support.

Bio: Dr. K.L. Das-bio4blog Shared by Manish Das.

A photo after meeting:



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