Hateymalo (2010-16)

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md_cover-misssing-family-report-2009 2009 – Families of missing persons in Nepal: a study of their needs PDF: families-of-missing-persons-nepal-report

This assessment conducted by Simon Robbins was a stepping stone for the launch of Hateymalo program in Nepal.


2010 – Hateymalo: Accompanying families of the missing in Nepal. Piloted in Bardiya by Bhava Poudyal, Nepalese Psychologist and the team of ICRC colleagues which expanded to altogether 46 districts of Nepal in successive four phases.


2013 – Release of Don’t go so far documentary. Directed by Arnaud Galent.

2016 – Completion of the program & Final Dissemination Products (Reports , Documentaries & Photobook). In collaboration of Yubaraj Adhikari, Rupa Chaudhary, Bishnu Waiba, Juthi Ram Chaudhari, Kalu Ram Chaudhari, Purna Shova Maharjan, Bina Chaudhary, Sujen Man Maharjan and ICRC colleagues of various departments, Nepal Red Cross Society district chapters and local NGOs.


hateymalo_accompaniment_report (ENGLISH),  hateymalo_accompaniment_report_in_nepali (NEPALI),

commemorating_the_missing (photobook)





Crash Course on Psychology with Hank Green

This crash course series on psychology presented by Hank Green will be useful for the beginners in Psychology. There are 40 videos (mostly around 10 mins) in this collection that helps you to understand the fundamental concepts of how our mind works and malfunctions.

Manojigyasa – 13th Episode on 13 Feb

Manojigyasa is the weekly radio program broadcasted from Ujjyalo 90 Network at 5.15 pm, Saturday presented by Psychbigyaan team (Kripa Sigdel and Sujan Shrestha, young aspiring psychologists). This episode was first heard on radio on February 13, 2016. Good that they have the youtube channel where they share all the episodes in case if you miss them on radio.

My interview was featured in this episode which focused on history and current status of psychology in  Nepal. And also, Psychbigyaan tip to boost the relationship with one’s partner (at the end on the eve of Valentine’s Day).

The Psychbigyaan tip which I gave have been scientifically proven by the psychologists and one of young talented artist, Bartika Rai has also  captured and beautifully sung it in her new song- Najeek.


My best wishes to Psychbigyaan team for upcoming episodes of the program, you guys are doing great job which will inspire other psychology students to take action and work for the betterment of the field of psychology in Nepal. Like I said in there, complaining is silly – act or forget.

A trip to Ethiopia 

I was in Ethiopia recently for the short course on Mental Health in Complex Emergencies. I had a nice stay there, some of the pictures from Addis below:

Lightening during Meskel Festival.

Bole Medhanialem Church

Dance at the cultural center.

Abyssian Restuarant for native food and cultural dance & songs. 

I loved the local coffee  !!

With Nepalis working in Ethiopia on the first day.

Lynn Jones, one of the course directors.

The growing city – Addis Ababa!!

Mental Health and Dignity

Every person has the right to live a life with dignity. No matter which country, color or culture one belongs to, we all have our own value and worth in this world. However, in reality, it is not what we wish to it to be. People are often facing discrimination, structural inequalities and oppression that violates the inherent dignity and worth of the human being. It is even more frequent in the case of people living with disabilities and mental health problems. In Nepal, people suffering mental illness and mental health problems face discrimination and stigma within the family and in the society. There are news coming from various parts of the country where mental health services are inaccessible and the people with mental health problems are restrained, kept in captivity and tamed like animals. They are forced to live and bear the inhumane treatment by family and community. We all need to be aware and help people with mental health problems in living a life with dignity.

This year World Mental Health Day is being observed today with the theme ‘Dignity in Mental Health’. See: infosheet_wmhd2015

People with mental illness can recover and can function well with necessary medical & psychosocial support. Below, we can view a short video of such man, Shiva Sharma,  telling his story of recovery. It was produced by BasicNeeds Intl:

If you are on twitter, you can find related tweets by following this link: https://twitter.com/search?q=Dignity%20in%20Mental%20Health