NEPsychNet Digest 2017

Pdf file: NEPsychNet_2017_Digest (Hyperlinks are active in pdf version).


NEPsychNet Annual Digest 2017

Invitation to edit: NEPsychNet Annual Digest 2017 is a collaborative document being prepared to archive the important information related to field of Nepalese Psychology and mental health. Most of the information for this digest comes from the social media, interpersonal contacts and contribution by the interested individuals through google doc link: I would like to … Continue reading NEPsychNet Annual Digest 2017

Hateymalo (2010-16)

Public Resources in one place  2009 - Families of missing persons in Nepal: a study of their needs PDF: families-of-missing-persons-nepal-report This assessment conducted by Simon Robbins was a stepping stone for the launch of Hateymalo program in Nepal. 2010 - Hateymalo: Accompanying families of the missing in Nepal. Piloted in Bardiya by Bhava Poudyal, Nepalese Psychologist and the team … Continue reading Hateymalo (2010-16)

Crash Course on Psychology with Hank Green

This crash course series on psychology presented by Hank Green will be useful for the beginners in Psychology. There are 40 videos (mostly around 10 mins) in this collection that helps you to understand the fundamental concepts of how our mind works and malfunctions.

Manojigyasa – 13th Episode on 13 Feb

Manojigyasa is the weekly radio program broadcasted from Ujjyalo 90 Network at 5.15 pm, Saturday presented by Psychbigyaan team (Kripa Sigdel and Sujan Shrestha, young aspiring psychologists). This episode was first heard on radio on February 13, 2016. Good that they have the youtube channel where they share all the episodes in case if you miss … Continue reading Manojigyasa – 13th Episode on 13 Feb