Sauraha canoeing

Always fun and relaxing to be surrounded by nature.



A short trip to Ghale gaun and Bhujung villages in Lamjung last month with two of my friends.

Very ideal place for short recreational adventure outside Kathmandu. We started our journey from Kathmandu to Khudi (Lamjung) via bus on the first day. The next day we walked all the way from Khudi to Ghale Gaun (4.5 hours) and then to Bhujung (2.5 hours)  and stayed overnight there. On third day, we returned from Bhujung early morning, had lunch at Ghale Gaun and then, walked down to Besi Shahar (about 6 hours). On the fourth day, took the bus and came back to the Ktm. So, it is good hiking place for those who can  short time outs from their busy schedule.

The village map at the entrance of Ghale Gaun

The Bhujung Village inhabited by the Gurungs.

On the way from Khudi to Ghale Gaun

A local who helped us with company and information along the way to his house.

District level annual football match being held and we had chance to enjoy a couple of matches.

Farewell at Bhujung.


Bhaktapur Durbar Square 

Some of the pictures below are from Bhaktapur Durbar Square, one of the World Heritage Sites in Nepal. Earthquakes in April/May earlier this year have affected this place as well. Some of the important structures have been damaged but most of the structure stand still beautiful and elegant as ever in this clean city. I was amazed to know that only the top part (gajur) was moved on the Nyatapola Temple which is one of the tallest structure there, and it still stands strong. The ancient knowledge of such architecture needs to be preserved.