Professional Network of Psychologists in Nepal 

Nepalese Psychology Network (NEPsychNet) started in 2008 as an interest group to facilitate contact and communication among psychologists, professionals, students and other interested people in the field of Nepalese psychology. 

NEPsychNet has been active since the time of its inception for facilitating the growth and development of Psychology in Nepal through professional interaction and communication.

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NEPsychNet Posting guidelines:

  • ANY MEMBER is welcome to post in this group keeping in mind that the posts should be useful to all the interested members of the group. Since the purpose of this group is to advance the field of Nepalese Psychology and share knowledge in the area, please keep your postings relevant.
  • We highly encourage the posts related to open events in which interested people can participate and contribute.
  • Please, limit the posts that are commercials intended to promote certain events.

If you are enthusiastic to volunteer and like to be part of an admin group here, please send a request with an note about why you’d like to be an admin and how you seek to contribute.

Interested members can also be part of the listserv by following this link:!forum/psychology-network who prefer to receive information in their inbox and they can send the messages too at: to NEPsychNet group. Messages from new members need to approved by admin.

Interested members can join the facebook group by following this link:

Sujen Man Maharjan,nepsychnet-qr Founder/Administrator.

NEPsychNet active since 2008


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