Completed Projects:

Assisted Brandon Kohrt, Medical Anthropologist, Department of Anthropology, Emory University in his dissertation work titled “Political Violence and Mental Health in Nepal: War in Context, Structural Violence, and the Erasure of History” as a research assistant.

Kohrt, B. (2009). Political Violence and Mental Health in Nepal: War in Context, Structural Violence, and the Erasure of History. PhD Dissertation, Emory University. See: (for abstract)

Assisted Kim van Wilgenburg, MSc student from Queen Margaret University in her thesis research on “Psychosocial Challenges and Coping Strategies of Family Members of the Disappeared in Surkhet, Nepal” as a research assistant/interpreter.

Wilgenburg, K. (2009). Psychosocial challenges and coping strategies of family members of the disappeared in Surkhet, Nepal. Master’s thesis, Queen Margaret University. See: (for abstract)

Assisted Carola Titze, MSc Student from University of Amsterdam in her thesis research on “Navigating a culture of fear: Transgenerational processes and Structural violence in Nepal” as co-researcher/interpreter.

Titze, C . (2011) Navigating a culture of fear Transgenerational processes and structural violence in Nepal.  Master’s thesis, Amsterdam Master’s in Medical Anthropology (AMMA).

pdf-iconDownload: titze thesis 2011 Nepal

Worked as a co-investigator (2010-2011) with Dr. Robert Klassen from University of Alberta, Alberta Consortium for Motivation and Emotion on Teacher Engagement.  Our research was accepted for presentation at ISSBD 2012! Dr. Klassen  presented it on behalf of research team. 

Maharjan, S. M., Klassen, R. M. and Subba, S. (2012). The Need for Relatedness in Nepali Teachers: Investigation of a Western Theory in a South Asian Context. International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development, July  2012, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Read Abstract. Poster: Klassen-Nepal-poster-2012

Completed the research project and submitted the thesis titled ‘Attitudes toward Love among the Newars in Kathmandu’ for the Degree of Master of Arts in Psychology at Department of Psychology, Tribhuvan University.

Maharjan, S. M. (2013).  Attitudes toward Love among the Newars in Kathmandu. Master’s thesis, Tribhuvan University.

pdf-iconFull text: sujenman_thesis_2013 (Signed hard copies are available for reference at the library of Central Department of Psychology, Tribhuvan University.)


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