SLC ko Khusi

Just as I am about to start a new day in my office, didi comes with a pack of sweets (laddu) and share it with me. It is a tradition in our office to distribute chocolates and sweets to colleagues when somebody comes from aboard or there is some good news. So, I ask her who is it from and what is the occasion? She says one of the colleague’s daughter has passed SLC with A+ grade and to share that good news he has sent us the sweets.

Yes, School Leaving Certificate examinations (SLC) results were finally out yesterday, hundred of thousands of students from all over the country, their parents and relatives were eagerly waiting for the results. Passing SLC is considered as crossing the iron gate and is seen as the most important examination in the school system. Students face a lot of pressure to do well, they spend a lot of anxious time anticipating the results, and when it is out- for those who do well, new freedom is found. The unfortunate ones who could not perform well due to various reasons are looked down upon as failures.

No matter what the results are, all students must receive proper attention and appreciation during this time, it is especially important for the ones who lagged behind in their performance. An encouraging pat is crucial for those who could not succeed. I hope we won’t have to hear news to students giving up  on their lives just because they failed in this particular exam. Life gives many opportunities and lessons after failure.

With this, many young people’s further study is determined by the results esp, which faculty and subject they opt for. Parents and friends largely influence during the decision making process beyond SLC. However, it is too early to conclude on the academic success and aptitude of a student just based on SLC results. Just at the time of this writing, one of my school teachers posted this status in facebook:


The above status represent the concept of Book Smart vs. Street Smart. It is often true that the street smart students are ahead in other aspects of life than book smart students who do extremely well with the exams but who might not do well in the real life situations. However, it would be wrong idea to promote just one of them, in fact, combination of both book and street knowledge is desirable to become optimally functional.

For those of you who have passed SLC, my congratulations and I would like to encourage you to study Psychology if you are interested in psychological well-being, the invisible activities of the mind and their relationship with our behavior, here is a link for you:



My Interest in Psychology

What got you interested in psychology??

academicAs I meet and interact with new people, one of the most asked question is ‘ what got you interested in psychology?’ I have answered it many times and now thought about posting it in my blog too.

As far as I can remember, it was during my school days that I came across few books that drew my attention towards Psychology. I was reading about powers of human mind, about sub-conscious mind, ESP (extra sensory perceptions), telepathy and a lot about parapsychology. It felt so wonderful and fascinating!! It made me ponder about HUMAN POTENTIAL by virtue of having this mind which enable us to accomplish a lot what sounds like unbelievable feats. So, I trace back my interests in Psychology to fascination with human mind and potential.

As I continued reading books, I had a lot of questions about human behavior. Fortunately, towards the end of my school, I had realized that if I wanted to find answers to the questions I had about human mind then, Psychology was the subject for me. There after, I started studying it formally in college and university (started to get bit dull and boring; the pressure to learn for exams is not that exciting we all know) and a lot more by myself (in order to keep the learning spirit alive). Now, it has been about a decade that I started my study of Psychology. As I look back, times have changed and the areas of interest have also changed with time. However, the theme has remained the same, the core of my interest: Human potential and psychological well-being.

Human potential to act good, be good, be creative, be intrinsically motivated about something, be happy and moreover, and to live a good & meaningful life rather than simply unbelievable feats. That is what I am more passionate about now. Psychology is a discipline that is fascinating and also helpful for oneself and others. It is very rewarding when it helps ourselves and also enable us to help others in need as this could lead to living a life out to fullest potential we can reach.

So, it’s your turn now to share if you are willing: What got you interested in psychology??

A Happy Girl

Met a cute girl at Maru Ganedya, in front of Kasthmandap, stopping to buy a balloon. She looked so happy when she had it. What made her so happy? For her, it was balloon at that moment. But the object changes from moment to moment but our goal remains the same.

Everybody wants to be happy. I cannot imagine somebody who would disagree with it but they might have their own ways of being happy and defining happiness. If asked, “What is Happiness?” My answer would be, “Dont Know. Cannot explain it in words but I can feel it. It is something that comes from within but usually we are looking for it outside.”

“What is Happiness?” What would be your answer?