Studying Psychology in Nepal


Updated: 15 March 2015

Every month I receive a number of emails from young people seeking information on studying psychology in Nepal. I am often delighted to receive the emails and reply them with the best information I have. Incoming inquiries indicate an increasing interest among students to take up psychology as a major in their higher education and build their career in this field. When I was a student myself at the beginner stage, I remember how much I had wished this sort of exchange and interaction existed. It was not case but here I am trying to do a little I can to all interested students in psychology in Nepal. All the best!!

This post covers overall educational levels in Psychology that are available in our country. Psychology had not been a popular subject in the past. However, it is becoming a popular subject in Bachelors, Post-graduate and Masters Levels now. The changes in socio-cultural and political contexts have led to increasing interest in psychology in general. Psychology as a discipline is taught under Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Tribhuvan University (TU). It is also offered by Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) in Intermediate (+2) level under Humanities and Education streams. Other universities in Nepal do not offer education and training in Psychology.


Intermediate (+2)

Psychology can be studied in (+2) Level after SLC under HSEB in private colleges. There are limited colleges which offer psychology as one of the major subjects under Humanities.

Bachelors (BA)

Students from any faculty (science, management, education) can choose to study psychology in BA. Students who have not taken up psychology previously can also study in BA. For most of the students, this level is an entry point for education in psychology field.

Masters (MA)

After BA, students can join MA to continue their education at Central Department of Psychology, TU. Tri Chandra Campus and Padma Kanya Campus have also started offering MA degree very recently. Students are required to meet certain criteria for admission. They are admitted on first come first served basis because of limited seats. Students from Humanities (BA in psychology), Science, Nursing, Public Health, PGDPC, Social Work are eligible for admission. No entrance exams are held currently, admissions are done on first come basis.


Tribhuvan University offers PhD in psychology at Central Department of Psychology, Kirtipur. Many students are doing PhD aboard as well. For post-doctoral level training, there is no place yet in Nepal.


Psychology as a subject is also taught in other faculties such as Management, Nursing, Education, Military, Social Work, etc. as a part of the training in their specialization areas as required.

Post-graduate Diploma in Psychological Counseling (PGDPC)

PGDPC is a one-year specialization course in counseling approved by TU. Anybody is eligible (meeting minimum requirements) to enroll in this program. PGDPC program also acts as a bridge for interested students to study MA in psychology which otherwise could not be possible due to certain criteria required for MA.

MPhil in Clinical Psychology

It is another academic (more applied) program instituted and run at Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health. It is a two-year course which produces clinical psychologists in Nepal. The requirement for admission is MA in psychology.

Contact list for Institutions teaching Psychology in Nepal (old list compiled in 2010)
The following Nepalese academic institutions offer psychology programmes in various levels.
Inside Kathmandu Valley Contact person Email
Tribhuvan University (TU) Shanta Niraula
Tri Chandra Multiple Campus (TC) Narayan Prasad Sharma
Padma Kanya Campus (PK) Kavita Khati
Ratna Rajya Campus (RR) Shreejana  shrestha
K & KCollege Sanjesh shrestha
XavierAcademy Sanjesh shrestha
WhiteHouseCollege Ganga Pathak
PyramidInternationalCollege Sandesh dhakal
CPSSC Shishir Subba
Outside Kathmandu Valley • Campuses in Janakpur,  Lahan, Biratnagar and Pokhara
*There might be more institutions not included here. Course fee varies according to the colleges.

93 thoughts on “Studying Psychology in Nepal

  1. bp kandel says:

    sir i’m reading education faculty,can i join in psychology classes in BA?
    sir please mention the cost for study,
    i’m keen intrested student.

  2. nhasala says:

    dear sir,
    i am currently in 2nd year of my bachelor. but now i want to start studying bachelor in psychology, for which i may leave my current subject. i haven’t had any course on this field before. i have been keenly interested to this subject. i have done my +2 in science. how and where can i join? i will be glad if you answer my queries since i don’t know anyone in this field of study.

  3. shilpa karna says:

    sr i m frm management faculty n i wanna join psychology. pleez inform me about cost n related educational institute. wat is a mentalist?

  4. shilpa karna says:

    sr i m frm management faculty n i wanna join
    psychology. pleez inform me about cost n
    related educational institute. wat is a mentalist?

    • Sujen says:

      Mentalist is a term that is used to refer someone who possess supernatural mental powers which she uses to perform amazing feats.

  5. Ramesh khadka says:

    Can a student having Bachelors of engineering study MA in Psychology ? If yes what would be the fee structure and course syllabus .

  6. sonam says:

    i m MBBS passed doctor and have ken interest in psychology,, i want to do MA in general psychology ,,is it possible ? ifthen waht is syllabus for MA in psychology ? do i have to study other subject? thank you

    • Samip Adhikari says:

      hello sir.I am planning to study psychology at Australia in bachelors,do you think its good to study in Australia then in Nepal.I have found that not many people are studying psychology and they are not interested in it.What do you think of me studying psychology in abroad?My name is Samip Adhikari.

      • Sujen says:

        Hi Samip, I am not well aware about situation of psychology in Australia so, I can tell you what would be better and why people are not keen to study.

  7. Upasana says:

    hello sir,
    i m a recent BBA graduate and recently i have developed a keen interest in Psychology.I want to do Masters in Psychology. Is it possible for me to do so?? Also, I want to study Psychology related to Business and Industry it available in Nepal??

    • Sujen says:

      Hi Upasana, u will have to do PGD in counseling to be able to join MA. Yes there is industrial psychology. All the best, sujen

  8. Shaandya says:

    I m running in +2(SCIENCE).I m deadly interested in Psychology.Can i enter psychology after the completion of 12??if so,how can i??what i have to do??

  9. Roshan says:

    Cant we read psychology as a subject in bachelor as like bsc bba isn’t there any course like bachelor in psychology in Nepal?

  10. Raichu says:

    Hello, I was wondering about the fee structures for Bachelors in Psychology. I tried to search it up to no avail. It would be real nice if you let me know :)
    Also, there isn’t B. Sc Psychology in Nepal is there?
    If I were to want to become a psychiatrist, I read that I’d need to go to a medical school after bachelors (not necessarily in Nepal for me). Is B. Sc in Psychology is required or can I make do with a BA in Psychology?
    I’m doing A-levels right now in the Humanities field.

  11. Dipendra Rajput Budhathoki says:

    hey,I’ve completed my +2 and planning to do my Bachelor’s.I am really interested to learn Psychology.So what should I choose in my Bachelor level(faculty or whatever) for me to study psychology? What should I go for? I hope you get my point…

  12. pradeep says:

    i just joint +2 in science . i am interasted to study psychology .plz give me some information about it and it scop in nepal. how much fee it will be cost in study in nepal

  13. Bibidh Baral says:

    Hello Sir!I am studying BBS but I want to change my faculty to R.D can I?Where as I am studying in BBS 2nd year please remind me can I or not??

  14. Bibidh Baral says:

    Hello Sir!I am Bibidh from Nepalgunj I am doing BBS I am in 2nd now I want to change my faculty so can change it or not?

  15. Anil dongol says:

    i have completed bachelor in business studies.can i study post graduate diploma in psychological counsellin?

  16. neetiya giri says:

    hello sir, I’ve recently finished by bachelor’s in business administration (bba-bi) and now I want to do my masters in Psychology. What are the procedures to apply for master’s in Psychology in Nepal as well as in abroad? Please reply to me soon so I can start the procedure as soon as i can. Can you tell me which colleges in Nepal provide masters study in Psychology? And do they allow undergraduates from BBA to do master’s in Psychology? If yes, than what are the procedures?

  17. Praabin Dhakal says:

    sujen dai currently i am doing bachelor of education. i am on second year we have to read educational psychology so after i complete my b.ed can i go toMA clinical psychology or should i do pgd in psychological counseling to do MA in clinical psychology.

  18. Rohit says:

    I am currently in bba 2nd year. I have keen interest in psychology. Is it possible in any way that i could enroll in bchlr in psychology without leaving bba?

  19. Madhavi says:

    Hello Sir,
    I recently completed my Bachelors in Major English and Social Work. I want to go for Psychology in MA. Will I be eligible if I do a one-year Post Graduation Diploma in Psychology?

    • Sujen says:

      Madhavi, you can directly enroll in MA classes. No need to do one-year Post Graduation Diploma. All the Best, Sujen

      On Sat, Nov 8, 2014 at 6:19 PM, Sujen Man wrote:


  20. Jatin says:

    I am just a class 10 student preparing for slc examinations. For my post slc subject i want to study +2 science but i am passionately interested to study Psychology. Is it possible for me to study both the subjects? If yes can you help me suggesting a proper college. If no then could you suggest me an alternative way to study Psychology.

  21. Avash Basnet says:

    sir,I want to graduate in industrial psychology.Is it possible in Nepal?Also,if not then I m physics student in HSEB,can I study it outside Nepal?Plz,give me full information

  22. TIA says:

    I would like to start my Bachelors degree with BA psychology but i do not have adequate information on this subject since i do not know anybody studying this. i would be grateful if u could just give me few information.
    Do i have to do the practicals?
    Do i have to go for the field work?
    I have to work so i dont think i can attend classes regularly, infact i might just attend the board exams. is it possible to do the self study??
    Thank u so much!

    • Sujen says:

      Practical and field work- yes, you have to do it.

      Regarding class attendance, where there is a will, there is a way. You can study by yourself and also work.

  23. sandesh says:

    hello sir,
    I have completed bachlor from education faculty (bed science ) .Can I eligible to join master in psychology.

  24. Babita says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have completed MA in Sociology but did graduation in BBS.Now I am interested to do Master in Psychology.So am I eligible for doing Master directly. Or need to do PGD course first???

  25. simon says:

    hi sir,
    I did B.Sc (major in physics) in bachelor level. And Master in Sociology. During Master Course I could attend any classes n did self study. Since this course had no practicals, it benefitted me. I only attended the yearly exams with self study.
    Now i am interested to do master in psychology. So i am highly expecting two answers frm u
    1. Can i do Master directly without PGD ?
    2. Can i do master without attending classes by self study..bcoz i may nt attend the class

  26. Bhagirath Pauyal says:

    I have completed M. Ed in English. As I go through your response I come to know that I have to do Post Graduation Diploma in Psychology at first to study Master level. As I am teaching in school I couldn’t attend the class. Is there any provision of private study for this course? I will be very grateful to your response. Thank you.

  27. Bhagirath Pauyal says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have completed M. Ed in English. As I go through your response I come to know that I have to do Post Graduation Diploma in Psychology at first to study Master level. As I am teaching in school I couldn’t attend the class. Is there any provision of private study for this course? I will be very grateful to your response. Thank you.

  28. jamuna shrestha says:

    I have done M.A in English and bachelors & +2 both in education majoring English. can I still study psychology in M.A ? Could you please advise me on this ? I am quite interested in this subjects. .

  29. priyansi dahal says:

    sir…I am interested to become an psychiatrist….but sir I m confused for what should I read in my higher class…should I take science and join medical field or should I do BA and MA takin psychology. ..plz help me sir to find out my way…..

    • Sujen says:

      Hi Priyansi, If you want to be a doctor/psychiatrist, you should go for medicine or if you want to be a psychologist (who do not prescribe medicine), you should go for BA, and MA. All the best.

  30. pawan shrestha says:

    dear sir,
    I have pass B.A,S.W previous year with psychology as major subject. now i want to study psychology in MA in morning shift. where can i get admission???

  31. Taniya Goyal says:

    Sir i was looking for any internship opportunities but didnt know how to follow up on them and there is a lack of coherent information which is really confusing. Can you suggest what sort of internships i should be looking for as a second year student pursuing Psychology Hons?

    • Sujen says:

      no such criteria for admission! if you have passed the exams, you are eligible for BA in psychology. All the Best.

  32. Pratima says:

    Hello I want to study psychology I’ve studied bio in +2 Do i need math to study psychology? And is it better to study abroad or in Nepal?

  33. sushil sapkota says:

    sir, I had recently finished my bbs 3rd year exam. nd im keen to interested in psychology; as u have suggest I should do post graduate diploma to study psychology in masters.. where should I contact for this course?

  34. rahul shrestha says:

    Hello sir, i’ve just done my +2 in science stream and i want to do my bachelors in psychology.can i study psychology in australia??

  35. suresh thing says:

    Hello sir, i don’t think so that, we have a scope here in Nepal of psychology,if i am wrong plz give me input i will be very grateful to you..thanks

    • Sujen says:

      Who says?! if we dont work hard to make our field then, there will be no scope. There are good opportunities in the field but it also needs patience and dedication.

  36. M says:

    I am currently studying maths in my 10+2. I want to do bachelors in psychology after this. Will it still be possble for me to study psychology after i finish my Grade 12.
    Thank you.

  37. Komal says:

    Thanks a bunch for passing on the information Sujen. Also, where could i study further for masters in industrial psychology? Kindly keep updating if theres anything new.

  38. psychology enthusiast says:

    Hi. I am a MBA graduate from TU. I wish to pursue MA(Psychology). Can i directly join MA as i have completed my masters degree already or else I have to go through other steps like PGD and then only MA. Hope to listen from you soon.

  39. शम्भु पौडेल says:

    नमस्कार सर
    मेराे नाम शम्भु पौडेल हाे । हाल म झापा जिल्ला स्थित मेचीनगर नगरपालिका कार्यालयमा कार्यरत छु । मैले नाेकरी कै सिलसिलामा करिव १० बर्ष अघाडि विराटनगर, माेरङ स्थित स्नातकाेत्तर क्याम्पसबाट राजनैतिक शास्त्रमा एम.ए. पाश गरेकाे छु । मेरो सानै देखिकाे ईच्छा मनोबिज्ञान पढने भएकोले हाल मैले याे विषयमा एम.ए. वा सोभन्दा माथिल्लाे तहमा अध्ययन गर्न पाउछु कि पाउदिन । साथै मनाेविज्ञन बिषयमा पढाईने पुस्तकहरु कुन कुन भाषामा पाईन्छ । याे पढन कति जति पैसा खर्च हुन्छ । र याे बिषय प्राईवेटबाट पढन पाईन्छ कि पाईदैन । र याे कहा पढाई हुन्छ । कृपया झर्के नमानी सबै प्रश्नकाे उत्तर दिनहुन सादर अनुराेध गर्दछु । मैले प्रमाण पत्र र स्नातक तह अार्टस पढेकाे हाे


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